Ukrainian crime boss and key person of interest in Voronenkov murder case shot at, abducted 

Ukrainian crime boss and key person of interest in Voronenkov murder case shot at, abducted
Yuri Vasilenko

The Ukrainian authorities refer to Yuri Vasilenko as one of the masterminds behind the murder of the ex-State Duma deputy.

Yuri Vasilenko, a Ukrainian crime lord, has been wounded and kidnapped by unknown individuals in Moscow.

According to Rosbalt, last night, a few men took Vasilenko out of the Basilik restaurant on Mira Avenue, which served as an office to the crime lord. When outside, he tried to escape and run away, but he was shot at several times, then forced into a trunk of a jeep and taken somewhere.

According to RBC, an amber alert was announced in the city; a Mitsubishi Pajero SUV was searched for; it was said to be silver and have no number plate.

After that, a search was conducted in Vasilenko’s rented apartment, and investigators discovered several dozen weapons, including sniper rifles and explosives.

Last summer, the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office charged Vasilenko, a citizen of Ukraine, with arranging and perpetrating the Kiev murder of ex-State Duma deputy Denis Voronenkov.

Several other participants in the crime were previously killed or disappeared.

In addition, as The CrimeRussia wrote earlier, Vasilenko is known to have been involved in the Kiev murder of the Russian-Ukrainian mafioso businessman, Maxim Kurochkin (Max Besheny) in 2007, together with his business partner Eduard Axelrod, 45. They were also allegedly the ones who found perpetrators for Voronenkov’s murder. In November 2017, Axelrod (aka Lepa) was found dead in his car in the courtyard of a Kharkov apartment building. Shortly before that, he had begun to cooperate with the Security Service of Ukraine, which said that the thief in law Tyurik was the paymaster of the Voronenkov murder.




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