Ukraine to confiscate thief in law Poltava's 'common fund' 

Ukraine to confiscate thief in law Poltava's 'common fund'
Vladimir Dribny

During a large-scale operation against organized crime in the Odessa region, the Ukrainian police conducted 32 searches, detained 9 people, and seized the 'common fund' of thief in law Vladimir Dribny aka Poltava, worth more than $1 million, 90 thousand euros, and half a million UAH.

Money, gold, and jewelry seized from Vladimir Dribny during searches of those allegedly involved in organized crime may be confiscated in favor of the state, Ruslan Forostyak, Advisor to the head of the regional police, told the Ukrainian media.

The National Police is currently figuring out the origins of these material assets and values. According to Forostyak, if it is confirmed that they have been obtained by criminal means, Ukraine will confiscate them.

To recall, September 7, the Odessa police conducted a special operation, during which the thief in law's 'common fund' in different currencies was seized. As Head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov said on his Twitter account, cash in various currencies, in particular, $1,069 million, €90 thousand, and 500 thousand hryvnia were seized during the operation involving more than 200 police officers and special forces soldiers. According to Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin, the ‘common fund’ belonged to thief in law Vladimir Dribny nicknamed Poltava, crowned in 1975 and convicted for theft twice.


So far, the National Police of Ukraine have detained 9 persons; all of them have previous convictions. They are suspected of committing a number of collective crimes.


32 searches of persons suspected of involvement in organized crime were conducted as part of the operational and investigative measures. As a result, 5 pistols, 1 rifled carbine, about 200 cartridges, 53 units of cold steel, and 600 grams of TNT and drugs were seized from hiding places. 

To recall, 78-year-old thief Vladimir Dribny was detained in Odessa in July 24, 2016. According to law enforcers' information, Poltava had been trying to influence the criminal situation in the city. After being detained in one of the entertainment venues, he was 'clarified the situation' and left Ukraine.



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