Ukraine’s cleansing: 14 thieves in law deported in 2016

Ukraine’s cleansing: 14 thieves in law deported in 2016
Kursha and co

This year, many notorious thieves in law have been deported from Ukraine: Tengo Galsky, Dato Svan, Tsrutsi and Kursha. Ukrainian authorities do not intend to stop there.

14 thieves in law have been ousted from Ukraine throughout the year, Vadim Troyan, the Acting Chief of the Ukrainian national police, wrote on Facebook. With this statement, Troyan summed up the year’s concerted efforts against the thieves who had been crowned in the Post-Soviet countries.

Troyan stated that all the deportees had previous convictions of serious crimes, with the total of 120 years of jail time. In addition, the security official said that Tengo Galsky, Dato Tobolsky (crowned in 1997), Kursha, Tsrutsi, Lazar, Rafik Yerevansky, Kakha Tbilissky (spent 15 years in solitary confinement), and other thieves had come to Ukraine aiming to establish control over various segments of the underworld.

The Ukrainian Police Chief said the anti-thieves efforts is a global issue, stressing that Interpol-headed Millennium project primarily targeted at top-level thieves is fighting against transnational gangs.

At the end of the post, the National Police official mentioned the so-called ‘Law on Thieves in Law’ as an important leverage in the fight, as well as criminalization of illegal border crossing.

It should be noted that Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine rejected the bill on thieves in May 2016. Ukraine continues its fight against criminal bosses and thieves in law from the Post-Soviet countries.

As Ukrainian Military Prosecutor Anatoly Matios announced in August, at least 120 thieves in law from all over the Commonwealth of Independent States were in Ukraine at that time. The prosecutor said the country was a "‘comfort zone’ for the crime bosses who know that the defective legislation and low wages of the law enforcers can result in an insufficient resistance from the state."



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