Ukraine involves Czech Republic and Turkey into battle against thieves in law and will jail them for title

Ukraine involves Czech Republic and Turkey into battle against thieves in law and will jail them for title

Ukrainian security officials begin a new round of battle against crime bosses.

Ukrainian law enforcement officers began a new escalated fight against thieves in law with a visit to the Czech Republic, where the Deputy Head of the National Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, signed an agreement on cooperation in combating organized crime. Without such a document, it would be difficult to carry out a full-fledged fight against organized crime groups, since Ukrainian criminals established quite a foothold in the Czech Republic. However, their bases are located not only here: similar agreements are planned to be concluded with Turkey and Greece, where the situation with Ukrainian thieves in law is identical.

As for the measures in Ukraine itself, the initiative group in parliament wants to adopt a law that provides for an increase in the prison term for thieves in law before the inauguration of the new president.

This law was developed under the leadership of Arsen Avakov back in December 2014. However, it was not passed since it did not win enough votes.

The draft law implies amending Art. 255 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – Creation of a Criminal Organization.

Avakov's group also followed the example of Georgia - according to the draft law, criminal liability is imposed on those titled thieves in law for seven years. The draft also revises the notion of a criminal community.

According to sources in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, this issue is significant for Avakov himself, who wants to make "the elimination of thieves as a class his key achievement and improve his ratings."

The police, in general, do not mind - they want to defeat the immigrant criminal gangs. Their activities, as a rule, are controlled by crime bosses.

According to the media, those people's deputies, who have had friendly and business relations with them since the 90s, are against the law.

A high-ranking police officer explained the areas of influence of criminal authorities in the Rada. According to him, among the people's deputies of almost all factions, there are those supported by thieves. Up to the point that they receive a salary from them, cars and mansions.

Thus, the alpha dog for central and western Ukraine, thief in law Nedelya (Andrey Nedzelsky) openly accepts people's deputies in the Premier Palace on Fridays and Saturdays. The Petro Poroshenko Bloc is suspected of having links with the Dnieper clan of thief Sergey Oleynik, better known as Umka.

If we talk about the areas of influence directly on the territory of Ukraine, it is worth noting that now there are three main thieves' clans here. Western Ukraine is controlled by Nedelya, Eastern Ukraine – by Umka. Southern Ukraine went to the especially influential thief in law Nadir Salifov, known in the criminal world as Guli.



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