Ukraine expelled 11 crime lords

Ukraine expelled 11 crime lords
Nothing prevents thieves in law from returning to Ukraine again and again

In total, 14 crime bosses have been detained since the beginning of the year.

In 2018, law enforcement officers of Ukraine detained 14 vors, 11 of them were expelled from the country, said the Head of the National Police Sergey Knyazev, speaking at the coordination meeting of security officials.

According to him, last year efforts to counter leaders of organized criminal groups have been stepped up.

At the same time, Knyazev complained that criminals find a way out of the situation: they change documents in the states where they have citizenship and are trying to enter Ukraine again:

“As they say, we force them out of the gate, but they climb into the window. Sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity,” the Head of the National Police noted.

To recap, earlier the First Deputy Head of the National Police Vyacheslav Abroskin complained that in recent years crime lords have flown to Ukraine like bees to honey.



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