Ukraine and Georgia unite to fight thieves in law

Ukraine and Georgia unite to fight thieves in law
The meeting of Georgian and Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs

As of recent, Ukraine has been experiencing a massive influx of thieves in law, most of whom come from Georgia.

The ministers of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and Georgia, Arsen Avakov and Georgy Gakhariya, agreed on cooperation in the field of countering organized-crime world and drug-related crimes. It was decided to pay particular attention to representatives of the higher hierarchy, i.e., thieves in law.

According to the press service of the MIA of Ukraine citing Avakov, the police faced situations when they could not get information about the detained Georgian citizens for a long time. Even realizing that there was a crime lord in front of them, they could not do anything to him, as there was no confirmation from the Georgian side. 

In turn, First Deputy Chairman of the National Police of Ukraine Vyacheslav Abroskin said that the MIA would initiate the creation of an interstate working group to combat organized crime and thieves in law. It is assumed that the officers of the criminal police of the two countries will carry out joint work in this direction and an operative exchange of information, which will allow them to respond quickly to threats. At the same time, apart from Ukraine and Georgia, the contact group will also include Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Also, the sides discussed the issues of countering drug trafficking. 

Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia, Georgy Gakhariya, said that the Georgian side is ready for fruitful cooperation in all areas. He also noted the significant success of the Department of Cyber Police of the National Police of Ukraine. 

To recall, Ukraine regularly detains and expels thieves in law, who are natives of Georgia. Just over a month ago, thief in law Dzhavid Mamedov (Dato Agdzhabedinsky) was held in Kyiv; previously, he had been already expelled from the country twice with an entry ban for three years. Before that, thief in law Khdr Rashidov aka Khidir had been exiled.

In total, as of May, eight thieves in law has been expelled from Ukraine, Abroskin said. However, according to Head of the Main Directorate of the National Police of Ukraine in Kyiv, Andrey Krishchenko, there can still be about 30 thieves in law in the country.



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