Two more Pichuga’s men detained in Syktyvkar

Two more Pichuga’s men detained in Syktyvkar
Yuri Pichugin (‘Pichuga’)

Oleg Birlov and Edvard Smolnikov were detained on suspicion of belonging to Pichugin’s gang. The investigation believes that they extorted money from businessmen.

Komi authorities continue arresting members of Yuri Pichugin’s gang. The thief in law is known in the underworld as Pichuga. This time, the Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Rosgvardia detained Oleg Birlov and Edvard Smolnikov, who would "collect money from businessmen threatening destruction or damage of their property," according to the local Investigative Committee.  

Earlier 13 people had been detained in the criminal case, including Pichugin himself. The gang is suspected of creating a criminal organization, being its members, as well as of illegal acquisition, transfer, transportation and storage of firearms, its parts and ammunition.

We should remind that Pichuga was detained in Moscow on February 18, 2017 and taken to Syktyvkar. Other gangsters were detained at the same time. On February 20, the Syktyvkar City Court jailed Pichugin for two months. Seven other alleged members of the criminal community were arrested. Two others, Makhach Azizov and Viktor Karpov, were declared wanted.

Pichugin’s gang was engaged in business protection racket, thefts, robberies and fraud in Komi. In the 2000s, the group started laundering money.



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