Turok arrested in Novaya Moscow again

Turok arrested in Novaya Moscow again
Thief in law Turok

Moldovan thief in law has recently found himself in the field of law enforcement agencies.

Law enforcement officers detained kingpin Andrey Torkunov, known in the criminal world Turok, in Novaya Moscow. According to reports, during the personal search at the thief in law the combat pistol and ammunition were found.

Life reports that seized at the kingpin weapon is not listed in the base of the Interior Ministry and was the reason for initiating a criminal case. Torkunov, according to some information, has already placed into prison by the court.

Curiously, the Moldovan kingpin has recently found himself in the field of law enforcement agency. It happened at the end of November 2016. Then, Turok was arrested in Novaya Moscow, in the village Marushkino. It was reported, at that time, Torkunov was listed as wanted on suspicion of involvement in the robbery. Operatives managed to track him down, so that, with the power support of SOBR fighters the fugitive was arrested. Probably, there were enough evidence, and he was free.

According to the CrimeRussia, native of Moldova Andrey Torkunov is 34 years old. He had been given the title three years ago, and his coronation was approved by Zhora Tashkentsky, Gela Kardava, Kolya Tomsky, Chili Kaliningradsky. In May 2015, by the decision of Shakro Molodoy he was stopped in credentials.



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