Turkish media published footage of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s last moments 

Turkish media published footage of Rovshan Lenkoransky’s last moments
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It has also been reported that the Turkish police arrested four suspects in the assassination of Rovshan Dzhaniev. The principal offenders received $ 5 million for the head of the supposed paymaster of Ded Hasan’s murder.

Turkish media have published footage of the last living moments of the crowned thief Rovshan Dzhaniev (known as Rovshan Lenkoransky). The surveillance camera caught the moment when the criminal and his guards were coming out of the Besiktas hotel. The Turkish police arrested four suspects in the murder of Dzhaniev, Milliyet reported. Three of the detainees are citizens of Azerbaijan, the fourth is a Turkish national. According to RIA Novosti, law enforcement officials are currently interrogating the suspects in a police station in the Istanbul district of Gayrettepe.

Earlier, it was reported that local Kurds may be involved in the murder of Rovshan Lenkoransky.

Meanwhile, the Hurriyet newspaper wrote that the killers were paid $ 5 million for their services.

On the night of August 18, Rovshan Dzhaniev, who had supposedly organized the murder of Aslan Usoyan (known as Ded Hasan), met with his associates in an Istanbul restaurant. Aftewards, Dzhaniev headed home in his Range Rover, staying in the back seat. Another vehicle was escorting him. Suddenly, the SUV was shelled by at least three gunmen. The driver of the car that followed behind stopped and managed to escape. Rovshan Lenkoransky was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries, where he later died. The kingpin was buried at home, in the city of Lenkorani in Azerbaijan.



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