Turkey no longer has complaints against Guli

Turkey no longer has complaints against Guli
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

It was reported earlier that the thief in law (vor) could be deported to Azerbaijan.

Turkish court has reversed a judgment of the country’s exit and entry administration as to the vor Nadir Salifov’s deportation, reports haqqin.az.

The vor was detained on a street in Istanbul on October 8. According to sources of several Azerbaijanian media, Guli’s detention was caused by numerous publications in Russian media on his criminal activity in Russia. In particular, it had been reported that the vor’s representatives had managed to establish complete control over a major wholesale market Food City located near Moscow, on 22 Kaluzhskoe highway, having laid its employees under tribute. 

Later, there emerged a presumption that the Turkish law enforcement officers could have issues with Salifov as to murder of his number one competitor - a vor Rovshan Lenkoransky - that took place in 2016 in Turkey.

According to haqqin.az (with Salifov’s friend - Eynull Fatullaev - being its editor-in-chief), Turkish authorities were only examining the legitimacy of Salifov’s presence in the country.

Anyway, Salifov was released after 24 hours. It was found out that there’re no legal barriers for him to stay in Turkey. The vor is reported to be going to live in Istanbul where he owns a mansion. 

In August this year, Guli was detained, along with his nephew Magomed Kurbanov, in Montenegro’s capital city - Podgorica. He arrived there to celebrate his birthday and at the same time carry out a small thieves in law’s gathering. Then again, he was freed the next day. 

It was reported in spring that Turkey announced that it is unwelcome that Guli would remain in the country, and he flew to the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, Rosbalt’s sources stated that he had come to the Emirates “just to relax” and explore new avenues for his activity. 



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