Tsripa’s son-in-law Aleko Shoshiya decrowned in Turkey 

Tsripa’s son-in-law Aleko Shoshiya decrowned in Turkey
Teymuraz Churadze (center)

It all happened with the tacit consent of thief in law Guli.

A representative of Kutaisi clan, 36-year-old Teymuraz Churadze (Aleko Shoshiya) has been beaten and declared a non-thief in Istanbul. It was Giya Nizharadze and Gocha Alpaidze (Alfason) who dealt with the son-in-law of Tariel Oniani (Taro) and Merab Dzhangveladze’s (Merab Sukhumsky) associate. At the same time, thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli) was also in their company.

Алфасон (слева)

Alfason (left) 

The purpose, for which the participants in the conflict met, is unknown, but according to some sources, it stemmed from Churadze demonstrating his lack of respect for Alfason, whom he called ‘part-time thief,’ hinting at his participation in the ‘circular letter from crime bosses’ initiated by Ded Khasan and Yaponchik against Oniani, where he is declared a non-thief. In addition, Aleko Shoshiya said some unflattering things about David Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky), whose supports are Giya and Alfason. Tsripa’s son-in-law saying that one of the leading figures of the Kutaisi clan would not be able to hide behind members of his team, whom he assembled, sounded more like an insult rather than a threat.

Темур Немсицверидзе (Црипа)

Temur Nemsitsveridze (Tsripa

As a result, Alfason, who had survived an assassination attempt half a year ago, has run out of patience. Backed by Giya, he attacked his cocky opponent. Aleko Shoshiya was not alone either – he was accompanied by a close friend of his family and the holder of Turkish ‘common fund’ Lasha Dogonadze (Bardzhga). However, he only tried to calm everyone down during the fight and did not intervene in the conflict. Nor did thief in law Guli, who was also present at the time, do it. The absence of his weighty word about what was happening predetermined the outcome of the fight – no one stood up for Churadze, even when the men began to kick him with their boots, which is a big insult to thieves. The attackers only said that they did not kill him out of respect for Tsripa, not wanting to make his daughter a widow.

Теймураз Чурадзе с женой

Teymuraz Churadze and his wife 

None of the outsider thieves not involved in the clan confrontation feel like supporting Churadze, as many questions were raised for him after he had taken part in the de-crowning of such influential representatives of the underground as Tamazi Barkalaya (Kotoma Senaksky) and Givi Gordeladze (Givi Tolsty), as well as in the group beating of Giya Kartvelishvili in the pre-trial detention center No.7, after which Greek sources believed Shoshiya to be an accomplice of the administration.

This conflict demonstrated a new alignment of forces in the opposing ‘Greek’ and ‘Turkish’ clans. It would seem that Sebiskveradze and then Shushanashvili, weakened due to arrests in Greece, as well as the recent murder of Zviadadze, found themselves an ally in the form of Guli.

Гайоз Звиададзе (Гия Кутаисский)

Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky) 

Guli does not mind this alliance, especially after his suspicions of Dzhangveladze’s involvement in the attempt on himself. No wonder he is increasingly seen in the company of members of ‘Greek’ Kutaisi clan Besik Tutashvili (Beso Kutaissky), Shota Tevtoradze (Shotiko), Levan Khavtasi (Lazare), and Nizharadze. 

To recall, earlier in the year, Guli was welcoming his first Greek guests in his Turkish residence – Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky), who was later murdered, and Zaal Makharoblidze (Glekhovich). This indicated to Guli’s rapprochement with the clan of Shushanashvili and Sebiskveradze settled in Greece. And even then it was interpreted as possible use of Guli’s support against the opposing group of Oniani and Dzhangveladze from Turkey.

It was recently reported that Guli had allegedly put a price on the head of Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky), whom the ‘Greeks’ considered to be the paymaster of Zviadadze’s assassination. The other day, Asoyan’s bodyguards allegedly found an assassin, who was watching his house in Kiev. When Nodar’s men disarmed and detained the shooter, he admitted that he had to kill Nodar on the instructions of Guli.

Нодар Руставский

Nodar Rustavsky

In any case, this incident will not go unanswered and may lead to a new round of conflict between the two clans. Although Guli’s alliance with one of them may throw some cold water on the opponents – nobody wants to openly argue with him.



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