Tourist influx in Ukraine: Khusein Slepoy caught following Lyokha Semipalatinsky?  

Tourist influx in Ukraine: Khusein Slepoy caught following Lyokha Semipalatinsky?
Khusein Slepoy and Kursha (in the front)

Ukraine continues to clean the country's territory out of the leaders of the criminal environment and their influence on Ukraine.⁠

As Deputy Head of the National Police, Vyacheslav Abroskin, reported on his Facebook page, the day before, Kazakh thief in law Aitkali Maimushev, known in the criminal circles as Lyokha Maimysh and Lyokha Semipalatinsky, was deported from Ukraine. Abroskin also published a blitz interview, in which the 59-year-old thief said that "he was in Ukraine on business purpose, ordered a book".

It is curious that the Deputy Head of the National Police as if in passing mentioned a much more well-known and authoritative thief in law – Chechen Khusein Akhmadov, nicknamed Khusein Slepoy. According to Abroskin, "hardly had the tourist and traveler citizen of Kazakhstan, the thief in law nicknamed Lyokha Semipalatinsky been expelled from the country, when another 'tourist', now either thief in law Khusein Slepoy himself, or his twin brother Khasan, a citizen of the Russian Federation, came to us from Vienna on a business trip".

Based on Abroskin's words, the Ukrainian security forces did not understand themselves whom they received – either the thief in law or the person resembling him. However, one thing is clear – both were eventually expelled, and as Vyacheslav Abroskin summarized his report, "the criminal activities of these citizens are of a transnational nature".

The latest data of the National Police of Ukraine say that today there are from 25 to 29 thieves in law in the country, who, according to the Ukrainian authorities, are purposefully "deported by the Russian authorities to the independent country in order to destabilize the criminal environment".



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