Tortures with sledgehammer and electric shock: ICR reveals details in Vitya Pan's case

Tortures with sledgehammer and electric shock: ICR reveals details in Vitya Pan's case
Thief in law Viktor Panyushin aka Vitya Pan, Kursk enforcer Yaroslav Sokolov (Yarik), and Evgeny Titov (aka Tit)

In mid-July, thief in law Vitya Pan, as well as his accomplices Evgeny Titov aka Tit and Yaroslav Sokolov (aka Yarik) were declared federally wanted. Depending on their role in the commission of the crime, the defendants are suspected of creation of a crime community and participation therein (parts 1 and 2 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), as well as of kidnapping and tortures.

Certain details have become known about the high-profile case involving Viktor Panyushin known in the criminal circles as Vitya Pan, as well as his accomplices Evgeny Titov aka Tit and Yaroslav Sokolov aka Yarik. The investigative bodies suspect all three of them of organizing kidnapping of a Kursk resident and torturing a person.

According to the regional ICR, in April 2015, a criminal case was initiated against Deputy Director for Economics and Commercial Work of the Deriglazov Kursk Plant of Large-panel Housing Construction Lidiya Bondareva; the woman was charged with a bribe on a large scale and commercial bribery.

Back then, Bondareva received 150 thousand rubles ($2.5 thousand) from a Kursk resident for her 'assistance' in the purchase of four apartments on Deriglazov Avenue in the Severny village. After that, Bondareva was detained, dismissed from work, and prosecuted. By a court decision, the woman was placed under house arrest.

Her spouse Vitaly Bondarev decided to release his wife from criminal prosecution by means of a bribe; in September same year, he turned to the previously convicted 47-year-old friend of his, Igor Yakovlev, known in the city’s criminal circles as Zek. The latter promised Bondarev to settle matters with law enforcement agencies, asking 5 million rubles ($84.8 thousand) in exchange – allegedly, for bribing security officials.

Bondarev gave him the amount of money required, but Zek was not going to solve Lidiya Bondareva's problem. Instead, he spent the funds received on his personal needs.

After that, Bondarev ratted Zek out to Kursk enforcer Yaroslav Sokolov aka Yarik and asked him to deal with Yakovlev.

As soon as Yarik began to address the issue of recovering Bondarev's money, Zek and his previously convicted 49-year-old brother Eduard Yakovlev aka Yashka learned about this. During a family council, they decided not to return money, but to hire killers and kill both Bondarev and Yarik.

They hired their friends – 48-year-old Yury Kulikov aka Kulik and 21-year-old Vyacheslav Murzakaev – as assassins. During the night of 1 to 2 December 2015, the contract killers  burst into the victim's house and, staging a robbery, shot Bondarev. The fact that his wife was at the hospital at the time was life-saving.

After the assassins dealt with Bondarev, Yury Kulikov decided to personally 'whack out' Kursk enforcer Yaroslav Sokolov. However, Yarik quickly noticed the follow-up and turned to Vitya Pan for help, saying that someone had ordered him.

As a result, Vitya Pan ordered Yarik to kidnap Kulik, take him to the woods, and torture him until he gave out the name of behind Yarik’s planned assasination.

Kulik was lured to a meeting with the help of Oksana Shelekhova, who owed him 100 thousand rubles ($1.6 thousand). At the place specified, he was awaited by Yarik and members of Panyushin’s OCG, including Evgeny Titov aka Tit and Nikolay Romanov aka Romanyuk.

They hit Kulikov on the head, forced him unconcious into the car and took him to the woods. After that, Yarik called Vitya Pan, who coordinated the kidnapping, for accountability. The latter ordered them to get Kulik to tell everything about the ‘contract hit’, as he did not want the Kursk thieves in law to wallow in blood feud.

According to Drug dlya druga, Kulik was first beaten, and then the kidnappers began to strike him on his legs with a sledgehammer. Kulik could not handle the torture with electric shock. He confessed that it was the Yakovlev brothers who ordered Yarik. After that, Yarik once again called Panyushin and shared the information. Vitya Pan ordered to let Kulik go and promised to deal with Zek and Yashka himself.

However, Vitya Pan never got to the showdown, as operatives detained the Yakovlev brothers for organizing the murder of Vitaly Bondarev. Later, the perpetrators of the assassination Kulikov and Murzakaev were also arrested.

It is noteworthy that initially, Kulik did not want to tell the investigators about being kidnapped and tortured in the woods. However, he then turned in his assailants. As a result, Shelekhova and Romanov were arrested. At the same time, Vitya Pan, Yarik, and Tit managed to escape. Currently, all three of them are federally wanted.



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