Thieves in law did not arrive to Rovshan Lenkoransky's commemoration 

Thieves in law did not arrive to Rovshan Lenkoransky's commemoration
Rovshan Dzhaniyev's grave in Lenkoran

Funeral actions are being held in the Azerbaijani city of Lenkoran in connection with the anniversary of the death of thief in law Rovshan Dzhaniyev (Rovshan Lenkoransky) murdered by killers in Istanbul a year ago.

The Vesti.Az reports that the city is flooded with cars with the Russian license numbers, however, it notes that there are no thieves in law among the arrived to the commemoration.

Meanwhile, earlier it was reported that law enforcement authorities in the homeland of Rovshan Lenkoransky were waiting thieves and crime lords from all CIS to come to the commemoration. It was reported that within the increase in security measures, Dzhaniyev's relatives were forbidden to block off the traffic in the downtown where it was initially planned to place a funeral tent for reception of guests.

However, as the CrimeRussia wrote a week ago, as a result of a place in a deadlock lane, leading to the central street was allocated for the funeral actions. Locals were coming to an extensive funeral tent to express condolences. However, it was decided to hold the main ceremony in the family house.


Meanwhile, the office of police of the Lankoran district Sputnik-Azerbaijan reported that no special measures were taken in connection with the ceremony of remembrance of the criminal, as friends and members of the family of Rovshan Dzhaniyev whose brother Namik Dzhaniyev himself, as we know, works in law-enforcement structures, ensured safety.

To recall, a few weeks ago a five-meter monument made by request in India was placed on Rovshan Dzhaniyev's grave at the Kichik Bazar cemetery in Lenkorani. In anniversary of the criminal’s murder on August 18 a ceremony of the monument’s opening was held.


The Azerbaijani media note that since early morning a big flow of people, interested to honor his memory was observed at Dzhaniyev's grave. Funeral actions will last until the evening – Rovshan Dzhaniyev's authority on Azerbaijan is very high. A year ago there were thousands of people at a funeral of the criminal.

One of the most influential thieves in law of the last decade Rovshan Lenkoransky was shot in his SUV together with the driver on the night of August 18, 2016, in the suburb of Istanbul. Officially his murder is still not solved, however in January 2017 criminal Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky) declared in the criminal world that Rovshan Lenkoransky was killed on his order from revenge for the murder of authoritative businessman Dzhambulata Shamil Oglou in the spring of 2016 in Moscow.



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