Thieves in law will get tough with Kostyl' for "debunking" Shlyapa Mladshy 

Thieves in law will get tough with Kostyl' for "debunking" Shlyapa Mladshy
Thief in law Konstantin Borisov (Kostyl'). January 2018

The influential Slavic crime boss Konstantin Borisov, who is soon released, has serious complaints from the thieves' clan Roland Shlyapa and Duyake. While in prison, Kostyl', along with the thief in law Sulkhan, signed a decree on the decrowning of Roland Shlyapa’s son Ruslan Gegechkori.

The clan of thieves in law Roland Gegechkori (Roland Shlyapa) and Merab Mzarelua (Duyake) intends to hold a meeting on the behavior in prison of the coming out of the colony thief in law Konstantin Borisov, known by the nickname Kostyl'. Borisov was sentenced under Art. 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to 3.5 years of strict regime on July 17, 2016 and is currently serving his term for possession of drugs.

According to Rosbalt, Gegechkori and Mzarelua, at the head of a large group of crime bosses associated with them, intend to get tough with Kostyl for what he did in prison with the thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy).

Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy) 

Together with another crime boss Sulkhan Mzhaviya (Sulkhan Kutaissky), Borisov signed a “malyava” (decree) about the decrowning of Shlyapa Mladshy which the senior representatives of his clan interpreted as an act in favor of the prison administration.

The thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy) fell into disfavor of the Federal Penitentiary Service (FSIN) administration, serving his term in one of the IKs in Tuva Republic, when, at the call of Gegechkori Jr., his henchmen smashed the prison mosque, brutally beating several immigrants from the North Caucasus who were in it.

After the incident, the FSIN system began to "break" Shlyapa Mladshy. He was transferred to the Achinsk jail, and then to the prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk. On the way the thief in law was subjected to beatings by guards and convicted persons of Caucasian nationality, who were intentionally placed in his cell. According to Rosbalt, the transfer to the prison hospital was not accidental either – at that time there was the worst enemy of Shlyapa Mladshy, the thief in law Badri Koguashvili (Badri Kutaissky). Earlier, representatives of the Gegechkori clan, and Shlyapa Mladshy himself signed the drcree about depriving Badri of the thieve's status.

Subsequently, at the big “meeting” in Yerevan, the status was returned to Badri Kutaissky, so he showed no interest in the arriving Gegechkori. However, the two other crime bosses who were in the same hospital, Kostyl' and Sulkhan Kutaissky, wished to “get it right” with Gegechkori – a fight ensued, in which Shlyapa Mladshy gave the attacker a rebuff. After that, Kostyl' and Sulkhan signed a “malyava” about “debunking” Gegechkori, which spread in prisons.

As previously reported, many influential thieves in law did not take seriously the decree of Borisov and Mzhaviya and did not support their decision, suspecting Kostyl' in relations with the administration. Badri Koguashvili, whose support Kostyl and Sulkhan were counting on, also condemned their actions, noting that the decrowning of the Shlyapa Mladshy plays directly into the FSIN, which Gegechkori actively opposed.

Konstantin Borisov in court

Therefore, some legitimate questions to Kostyl' soon arose with a number of metropolitan thieves in law, who, under the guise of lawyers, sent their envoys to him directly to the colony. However, Kostyl' did not speak to them, promising to explain everything immediately after his release in November 2018.

Shlyapa Mladshy was deported from Russia shortly after his release in March 2018, but now Kostyl' is being released. The near future will show what upcoming “meeting” promises for Kostyl and whether the close friendship with the new “thief in law No. 1” Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) will help him in resolving the situation.



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