Thieves in law vs Jamaats conflict gaining momentum

Thieves in law vs Jamaats conflict gaining momentum
The number of Muslim convicts in Russian prisons is on the rise

'Authorities' of Krasnoyarsk prisons became afraid of power transition to the Islamists.⁠

Mafia enforcers in Krasnoyarsk prisons are looking for support from Yekaterinburg criminals. reports they have recently distributed a circular letter (appeal), the essence of which is that prisoners’ ways are alike and therefore there cannot be any differences in nationality or faith. This was a not-so-subtle hint that there are so-called Jamaats in prisons - Islamic communities whose members - Muslim convicts – do not comply with the thieves' rules.

The authors of the message give examples of "lawlessness" committed by the Jamaats - conflicts arise at the mundane level due to different views on appropriate behavior for Muslims and other convicts - a kitchen knife used to cut lard becomes ‘dirty' according to the concepts of Jamaat, it is also necessary to be in underpants when having a shower, in their opinion, etc. Moreover, having achieved a special attitude towards themselves, they compel other prisoners to follow this code of rules, which subsequently incites conflicts.

The loudest one was a clash between them and thief in law Ruslan Gegechkori (Shlyapa Mladshy). At the beginning of the year he had a conflict with the Chechens in one of the colonies of Tuva, where he was serving time - after one of them hit the 'authority', he, together with his accomplices, beat prisoners from the Caucasus and initiated a pogrom in a mosque located in the territory of the colony. This caused a backlash and the desire to take revenge among many Muslim convicts, and not only the convicts - even federal politicians, such as the deputy chairman of the All-Russia Interethnic Youth Union, Azamat Mintsayev, threatened the crime boss. And informal spiritual leaders, according to some reports, held their own gathering on this issue, at which they allegedly imposed a death sentence on Shlyapa Mladshy.

The Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia (FSIN) leadership decided to hush up this conflict in their own way by transferring the thief in law to other prisons - first he was sent to the pre-trial detention center in Achinsk, then – to the prison hospital in Krasnoyarsk, and finally in summer it became known about his transfer to the ‘red zone' of Minusinsk. His appearance in Krasnoyarsk Krai did not go undetected among the adherents of Islam sitting in the prisons of the region.

And that state of affairs, apparently, pestered both 'decent prisoners' and the administration, as a result of which everyone got it in the neck. On August 7 of this year, a report of the Krasnoyarsk Public Monitoring Commission appeared after visiting colony No. 31. It refers to complaints of torture and beatings, under which some prisoners were forced to refuse to follow thieves' traditions, and others - Jamaat ones.

At the end of the message the authors remind that "it is inadmissible to undermine the convict's way of life" and to resolve this matter they are going to involve Muslim thieves in law.

In turn, the FSIN said last year that it intended to step up fighting against the communities of radical Muslims in its institutions.



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