Thieves in law Guli flees from enemies to Qatar

Thieves in law Guli flees from enemies to Qatar
Nadir Salifov aka Guli

The thief is currently in Turkey.

Thief in law Nadir Salifov aka Guli decided to move from Turkey to Qatar, a source said. According to it, “the thief in law has received a residence permit in the Emirate of Qatar with the help of special services and will live there under their protection.”

It was also reported that the ‘thieves’ world’ is unhappy with Guli's behavior. In particular, with the fact that he demonstrates his life in social networks.

The source says that Salifov has been called to a gathering for several weeks in a row to clarify all issues. However, he avoids the meeting by changing phone numbers, and now his place of residence.

Probably, the thief decided to move to Qatar precisely because of these disagreements. Many follow Guli's accounts on social networks with astonishment. In late September, he posted a video in which he was dancing with a lady in red at some party. Among thieves, demonstration of personal life is not respected.

Another reason for moving farther away from Russia could be the escalating conflict with thief in law Badri Koguashvili. A number of experts believe that only the death of one of the thieves can put an end to this conflict.



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