Thieves in law Glev Ivanovsky and Artyusha detained in Rostov 

Thieves in law Glev Ivanovsky and Artyusha detained in Rostov
Glev Ivanovsky and his elder mates

Gleb Ashumov and Artem Demurov were detained at the airport and its approaches, a day apart.

A crime lord Gleb Ashumov (36) aka Gleb Kineshemsky or Gleb Ivanovsky was detained  was detained on August 29 in Rostov Oblast. He was on the wanted list in Russia on counts of evade police controls. In April, 2015, Ashumov (previously convicted) was detained  for dealing drugs. When he was put to Moscow's Butyrka prison, his code-bound thief status was renounced. However, later on when Ashumov was taken to Pskov Oblast for the service of sentence, his ‘full powers’ were confirmed by Merab Jangveladze over the phone. It turned out that Gleb Kineshemsky was crowned in Turkey in September, 2013 by Georgian code-bound thieves from amongst Taro and Merab Jangveladze’s followers. His coronation was launched to rival the only and irreplaceable code-bound thief of the city of Ivanovo Ruben Kasyan. 


Ruben Ivanovsky

When Ashumov emerged from jail in April, 2018, he was required to report for administrative supervision. However, he got on with violating these orders since the first day. Then, he absconded from law enforcement. He could not live in Ivanovo Oblast for fear of being disposed of by Ruben Kasyan who can’t stand renowned opponent on his home territory. Gleb Kineshemsky was apprehended at Platov International Airport on his way to Ukraine. He declined to answer police investigators’ questions about his criminal world affiliation. 



On the following day, August 30,  a 62-year-old crime lord Artem Demurov aka Artyusha was detained at the approaches to the airport. Drugs were found during the frisk search. Artyusha is a member of Ded Khasan’s tribe. He played an important role among the Tbilisi code-bound thieves of Armenian descent who had put roots down in the city of Rostov-on-Don. He has been behind bars just once in his life - in the late 1980s. Over the last years, Demurov had been living in a spa town of Karlovy Vary in The Czech Republic paying short visits to Rostov-on-Don. When detained, Artyusha called himself an ‘urka’. A year ago, he tried to violate a ban on new code-bound thieves’ coronation imposed by Zakhary Kalashov (aka Shakro the Young). The coronation of Surik Karabakhsky was terminated by one of Shakro the Young’s cronies - a code-bound thief Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky). 



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