Thieves in law get counted; billionaires among them revealed

Thieves in law get counted; billionaires among them revealed
Nadir Salifov (Guli)

Guli is considered to be the most dangerous and influential of them.

The Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs has counted 432 active thieves in law. According to, 318 of them are at large, 114 are serving their sentences, 31 are under investigation, and 19 thieves are wanted.

The majority of thieves are Georgians – there are 242 of them; on second place, there are Russian thieves — 51; followed by Armenians — 30; and Yezidis (Kurds) — 26, Azerbaijanis —16, Abkhazians —10, Chechens —10, and Jewish — 7, Sputnik Azerbaijan reports. According to the publication, colleagues from Ukraine helped the Russian MIA in compiling the list. Despite the political opposition, these bodies continue to interact in the fight against organized crime. In particular, the law enforcers of both countries agreed that the most dangerous thief to date is Nadir Salifov (Guli), who has been recently actively spreading his influence on the territory of both Russia and Ukraine.

It is also known that almost all Azerbaijani thieves have Russian citizenship. The following Azerbaijanis are serving their sentences in Russian prisons: Ilgar Aliev, Talekh Dagliev, Emin Akhmedov, Zaur Shipilov, Ali Geydarov, Ulfat Tagiev. Recently, Khadzhibaba Talibkhanli was detained. Yunus Nazarov lives on the territory of Uzbekistan. Dato Agzhabedinsky has long settled in Ukraine. As for Guli and Rafet Alibayramlinsky, they are wanted by Interpol on Russia’s request.

Guli, Yusuf Shamkhorsky, Vagif Diplomat, Albert Ryzhey and Rashad Gyanzhinsky are the richest among them. According to Azerbaijani media, all of them are dollar billionaires.

The Slavic thieves-billionaires include Sergey Aksenov (Aksen Izmaylovsky) and Vladimir Tyurin (Tyurik). The net worth of other thieves is several tens of millions of dollars. At the same time, regardless of where the thieves live – in Russia or abroad – their main source of income is located in Russia.

The main source of revenue for Guli and others are the deductions of traders of vegetable markets from all over the country, who, after the assassination of his rival – Rovshan Lenkoransky – began to take his side. Cases of ransom extortion for kidnapped businessmen are not uncommon. It is for this reason that Guli is wanted by Russian law enforcers. As of recent, this criminal type of profit-making has been actively used in Ukraine, where Guli’s emissaries accept payment in Bitcoin, among other options.



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