Thieves in law carve up Donetsk People’s Republic at underworld convention in Rostov-on-Don

Thieves in law carve up Donetsk People’s Republic at underworld convention in Rostov-on-Don
Eduard Asatryan

Ukrainian code-bound thieves have gone into business with their ‘colleagues’ in unrecognized republics.

Convention of crime bosses and code-bound thieves occurred in Rostov-on-Don in late September. They divided up spheres of influence as to an unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), reports Novaya Gazeta.

Novaya Gazeta notes that after the death of the DPR President Aleksander Zakharchenko, the power balance in the criminal world faltered. The ‘thieves’ discussed upon repartition and conveyance of property, allocation of quotas and tobacco illicit trafficking from a Khamaday factory.  

Around 15 persons were present at the convention including one of the most influential code-bound thieves Eduard Asatryan (aka Osetrina) who used to be close to the Ukraine President Viktor Yanukovich, Yury Ivanyushchenko’s (aka Yura Enakievsky) trustee Aleksander Baturin (aka Batura), Gorlovka’s underboss Armen Sarkisyan, as well as a member of the DPR People's Council and a former Khamaday factory employee Vitaly Metla. 

Representatives of Dnipro (formerly known as Dnepropetrovsk) criminal world were also present at the convention. They were representing a code-bound thief Sergey Oleynik (aka Umka) who is considered a right-hand man of Aleksander Nakreshvili (aka Narik) who’s heading the city’s most powerful crime family. Guests from Luhansk, as well as representatives of criminal groups that had been active in Donetsk before the 2014 conflict were also present at the convention. 

As a result of the convention, it was decided that a control over one of the largest DPR cities - Gorlovka - was given to a Enakievo crime gang and representatives of one of the richest Ukraine oligarchs Rinat Akhametov. The discussion focused upon a Gorlovka machinery plant and other major concerns, as well as delivery of products that go through Gorlovka from the Ukraine’s part. Ukraine criminal world’s representatives and influential figures from unrecognized republics agreed upon ensuring safety as to illegal business activities on the DPR and LPR (the Luhansk People's Republic) territories. 

Rostov’s part took lead on issues related to transportation and safety of logistics. Ukrainian code-bound thieves in their turn committed themselves to patronage by the Ukraine security agencies, as well as financing and technical support of transportation.



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