"Thieves in law behind riots in colonies"

"Thieves in law behind riots in colonies"

The security agencies of Ukraine found out the reason for the recent massacres in prisons.

In Ukraine, the heads of law enforcement agencies discussed the problem of recent riots in the colonies. During the meeting, Deputy Head of the National Police of Ukraine, Vyacheslav Abroskin, said that the cause of the unrest is the crime lords that control prisons, and therefore the country must adopt a law that will help “remove the tumor called thieves in law.”

“I can only say that behind extraordinary events in prisons there are supporters of the traditions of thieves who created a criminal organization with the aim of opposing state institutions,” said Abroskin.

The head of the National Police emphasized that in prisons they choose alpha dogs in agreement with the thieves in law. Those, in turn, weaken the administration's regime according to the principle “you support the thieves' movement – you live comfortably.” According to him, the main goal of thieves in law is to fill in common funds and enrichment. According to Abroskin, fake community organizations and activists are funded with money from the common funds, and some of the money goes to bribes to judges, police officers and journalists. Thus, the crime lords manage to discredit the heads of various law enforcement agencies, “taking a principled position.”

Recall recently in various regions of Ukraine there were riots in the colonies. On May 27, a major scuffle occurred in the colony No. 51 of the city of Odessa, as a result of which 15 prison guards were injured. Also riots in May and June of this year took place in the Cherkasy and Pyatikhat colonies.



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