Thieves from all over the CIS to commemorate Rovshan Lenkoransky 

Thieves from all over the CIS to commemorate Rovshan Lenkoransky
The monument to Rovshan Lenkoransky

Azerbaijani law enforcement structures have forbidden the relatives of Rovshan Lenkoransky, murdered in Turkey one year ago, to block off traffic in the center of Lenkoran for the organization of funeral parishes for the thief in law buried in the city cemetery.

According to Sputnik-Azerbaijan, citing Azerbaijani law enforcers, Rovshan Lenkoransky's family had initially wanted to install a tent to receive guests on the central street of Lenkoran. However, the authorities decided against blocking the central road and designated a place in a dead-end alley facing the central street for the wake.

The publication reports that the city is getting ready for the death anniversary of one of the most influential thieves in law of the last decade – Rovshan Lenkoransky, murdered on the night of August 18, 2016 in Istanbul. Memorial events will be held on this day in Lenkoran. In particular, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, the official unveiling of a five-meter monument erected on his grave will take place. 

Law enforcers expect a possible arrival of representatives of the criminal world on the anniversary of Lenkoransky's death, as was the case for the funeral of thief in law Khikmet Mukhtarov (Khikmet Sabirabadsky) in 2006, the publication reports.


Monument at the grave of Khikmet Sabirabadsky

The CrimeRussia earlier reported that Rovshan Lenkoransky was buried with thieves' honors, and the ceremony was more crowded and pompous than the funeral of Khikmet Sabirabadsky. On August 19 last year, police blocked traffic on one of the city streets; several thousand people took part in the procession to the Sardakhyl cemetery in the Kichik neighborhood. However, Dzhaniev’s funeral was held the next day after his death, therefore many friends and allies of Lenkoransky in the criminal world could simply not have time to attend the ceremony. 


The funeral of Rovshan Lenkoransky, August 19, 2016

According to the internal affairs, guests from the criminal world at the wake of Rovshan Dzhaniev may include persons who are not persecuted by law, and who can safely cross borders. Law enforcers do not expect wanted crime lords to visit the ceremony, as the authorities have enhanced security measures. According to the publication, Dzhaniev’s brother Namik is least interested in the arrival of thieves in law and crime lords, because he himself is a law enforcement officer.

It is noteworthy that the activities in commemoration of Rovshan Dzhaniev in his homeland, the Azerbaijani city of Lenkoran, promise to be attended by many – Rovshan Lenkoransky's authority in Azerbaijan used to be very high. On the night before the funeral, thousands of people came to meet a plane with his body at the airport. 



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