During criminal gathering, Russian Ruben Tatulyan detained with Armenian diplomatic passport in Czech Republic 

During criminal gathering, Russian Ruben Tatulyan detained with Armenian diplomatic passport in Czech Republic
Far-from-the-criminal-world Ruben Tatulyan and thief in law Vagon

Security officials knew in advance that a thieves’ delegation was coming to the Czech Republic with the intention to crown two new thieves in law.

The gangland businessman, who strongly refutes his close ties with the criminal world, and the Sochi ‘enforcer’ aka Ded Khasan’s protégé has been detained in the Czech Republic. Apart from Ruben Tatulyan, known in the crime environment as Robson, Gayoz Zviadadze (Giya Kutaissky), Gela Kardava (Gela), and his recently crowned ‘godson’ and a resident of Moscow Dmitry Zabrodin have been caught in Karlovy Vary. After the detention, all participants of the ‘convention’ were placed in a temporary detention facility.

Рубен Татулян и «Дед Хасан»

Ruben Tatulyan and Ded Khasan

It is known that it was officers of the Czech MIA Office for Combating Organized Crime who detained the crime lords. Security officials learned in advance that a thieves’ delegation was coming to the Czech Republic with the intention to crown two new thieves in law. It is also known that it was Robson who sponsored the ‘meeting’, as well as the presence of all its participants. At the same time, to get to the Czech Republic, Tatulyan used an Armenian diplomatic passport in his name; during detention, Gela Kardava presented papers in the name of Oleg Golomb. By the way, it was these documents that the thief in law had recently shown to Ukrainian police officers. The Czech security forces suspect that Kardava uses false documents; if their suspicions are justified, then the thief in law will face a criminal charge.


Giya Dangadze, Boris Sulava, Vakho Chachanidze, and Ruben Tatulyan. Sochi

As for the main investor for the ‘convention’, he is currently defending his good name and trying to convince the public that he is far from the criminal world. The tools for fighting against publications in the media are lawsuits and threats of extrajudicial execution. But the reality presented in the numerous pictures showing Tatulyan in the company of thieves in law is completely watertight. According to sources, in March 2015, ‘businessman’ Ruben Taulyan participated in a meeting in Krasnaya Polyana and was detained together with Shakro Molodoy and Tengiz Dumoev nicknamed Gocho. With regard to the fake diplomatic ID, it had already been mentioned in the scandals involving Tatulyan. For example, in late February 2016, we came into possession of a surveillance footage from the Sochi airport, which showed Robson flagrantly violating the traffic rules and exhibiting the behavior of a hardened road bully.

The video shows two black tinted Mercedes-Benz G-Wagens driving along the first line of the airport. The way onto the first line of the airport complex is made against traffic and in detour of road barriers. One of the violators’ cars is assigned to the Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in the Russian Federation (license plate 138 D 307 77 RUS).


Leaving the airport, Tatulyan insulted the security officers and then drove the barrier off. In response to the airport employee's remarks, Tatulyan dangled his ambassadorial documents. It should be noted that diplomatic mission cars are not subject to inspection and may not be detained in the usual manner, which is why Robson easily left the airport. As reported by the CrimeRussia’s source, in the past, the crime lord claimed the title of the Honorary Consul of Armenia in Russia, but could not get it. However, the recent events in Karlovy Vary indicate the opposite.

Back then, in the wake of the high-profile scandal, the CrimeRussia tried to get an official comment from the Armenian Embassy in Russia, however, there were no answers to our questions. In contrast to diplomats, law enforcement agencies have reacted to road bullying with damage to property. Transport police officers found that the driver left the parking lot without paying for it. An administrative case under Art. 7.27.1 of the Russian Code of the Administrative Offenses (Causing property damage by deception or abuse of trust) has been initiated into this fact. The materials of the case have been transferred to the court of Adler district of Sochi. Moreover, it has been reported that the Sochi MIA transport authority is currently checking into the breaking down of the barrier by the foreign car, however, nothing is known about its results.



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