Thief in law Yunus Bakinsky to be deported from Russia

Thief in law Yunus Bakinsky to be deported from Russia
Yunus Bakinsky

The court gave the kingpin 10 days to leave the country.

The Ulyanovsky Court sentenced native of Azerbaijan Yunus Nazarov, famous in criminal circles as thief in law Yunus Bakinsky, to deportation from Russia within 10 days. The portal with reference to the family of the kingpin reports about it.

Besides, Nazarov's relatives told that the thief in law would not be able to return home.

As the CrimeRussia wrote, Yunus Bakinsky was detained in Ulyanovsk for illegal stay in the territory of the Russian Federation. After that, he disappeared for several days but later he was ‘found’ in the resuscitation of one of city hospitals.

It is known that in 2008, the serving sentence in the Azerbaijani prison, Yunus Nazarov was hit in his head by an axe by Vafadar Mirzoev during sleep (the hand of the last was later chopped off, he still serves the sentence), and he is still under treatment.

In June 2015 Nazarov was turned out from the territory of the Russian Federation by employees of Main Administration of Criminal Search of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Deportation of the thief in the law was preceded by repeated detention which happened in Lobnya situated near Moscow. Illegal residence in the Russian Federation became the reason of detention.



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