Thief in law Gia deported from Ukraine for second time in year

Thief in law Gia deported from Ukraine for second time in year
Georgy Chanturia

In March, Kiev forbade native of Georgia Georgy Chanturia to enter the territory of Ukraine for a period of five years.

The Kiev law enforcement authorities detained repeatedly judged citizen of Georgia Georgy Chanturia, known in criminal circles under nickname Gia. The kingpin is turned out from the territory of the country, the press service of the police of Kiev reports on its Facebook page.

As it is said in the message, the illegal immigrant was found in the territory of Kiev region with counterfeit documents second time in this year. Deportation was carried out immediately - on Thursday, August 17. Other details of detention are not reported.

As the CrimeRussia wrote earlier, Chanturia was detained and deported from Ukraine in March of this year. He was also forbidden to enter the country for a period of five years. According to the Ukrainian security officers, Chanturia has gone through four ‘prison stints’ for heavy and especially serious crimes. It is also known that Gia was an underboss in corrective labor colony and had considerable influence on a criminogenic situation far behind its walls.

Besides, according to unchecked information, Chanturia keeps in close connection with natives of the Caucasian region and with other criminal leaders, who are in places of detention and out of them. It is established that recently he tried to arrange delivery of drugs and alcoholic drinks to the territory of one of the regional corrective labor colonies.



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