Thief’s envoys detained in Georgia

Thief’s envoys detained in Georgia
The suspects were detained during operative and search activities

Three associates of an unnamed criminal living permanently in Europe demanded the businessman to pay $23 600 in favor of the thieves' world.

Three people close the thief in law living in Europe were detained the day before in Georgia on charges of extorting property on a large scale. This is reported by publication Georgia Online, without specifying the name of the criminal.

According to the newspaper, extortionists were detained in Tbilisi during operational and investigative activities. They turned out to be three previously convicted citizens: G.G. born in 1989, B.D. born in 1981 and G.O. born in 1973. Earlier the siloviki established that the three companions of an unnamed thief in law, permanently residing in Europe, demanded the businessman to pay $23 600 in favor of the thieves' world. The businessman as well as his family was threatened with murder.

The racketeers regularly called the victim, recalling the demands put forward towards him. In telephone conversations they expressed their dissatisfaction with delaying the payment process, because the thief in law expected the money as he was supposed to hand it over to the thieves’ cashbox.

A criminal case under items (a) and (b), part 2 of Art. 181 of the Criminal Code of Georgia was brought against the detained extortionists.  



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