Thief in law Zhorzhikich detained in Odessa 

Thief in law Zhorzhikich detained in Odessa
Merab Cheishvili (second from left)

He was going to coordinate activities of criminal groups.

Security Service of Ukraine in Odessa region has detained and deported a thief in law (vor) Merab Cheishvili (aka Zhorzhikich), reports its media office. 

According to law enforcement, the vor came to Ukraine illegally to coordinate activities of criminal groups. In particular, he was supposed to control reassignment of money received from robbery, mugging, theft, and extortion. 

Zhorzhikich was subjected to administrative liability for his illegal arrival at Ukraine following the detention. He was deported from the country with the prohibition of entry into Ukraine over the next 3 years. 

Задержание Жоржикича

The vor regained his freedom 5 years ago following the wide-ranging amnesty for prisoners in Georgia with more than 3 thousand inmates including 190 political prisoners having been released. 

Earlier, a deputy head of Ukraine’s National Police Viacheslav Abroskin stated that at the present time, there are about 25 to 30 thieves in law who are not citizens of Ukraine in the country. 70% of the ‘thieves’ are citizens of Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia descent. 

Ukrainian law enforcement officials deport foreign ‘thieves’ on a regular basis, however, eventually, they come back to the country within a short time. 

Albert Magomedov (aka Leki Rustavsky) who arrived by a flight from Greece attempted to enter Odessa in late September. However, he was detained by Ukraine’s intelligence services and frontier guards while attempting to present a forged passport. 

After he was notified of “the inexpediency of his presence in Ukraine,” he left the country for Istanbul of his own free will. 



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