Thief in law Zap suspected of organizing three attempted murders

Thief in law Zap suspected of organizing three attempted murders
Andranik Sogoyan (Zap)

Armenian thief Andranik Sogoyan, whom the Turkish police suspects of organizing the assassination of thief in law Dato Pankissky, may be involved in the murder of two more thieves in law.

At the beginning of the year, the Turkish law enforcers called Armenian thief in law Andranik Sogoyan (Zap) the most likely customer of the assassination of Dato Pankissky. The thief in law was shot by unknown people in the center of Istanbul. Paramedics who arrived at the scene could not save him.

The police consider the shooting of David Alakhanshvili to be the revenge of Shakro Molodoy for the attempt on his nephew Dato Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky) by the representatives of Tariel Oniani’s (Taro) hostile clan in Belgium in 2011. As a result of the attack, Ozmanov received multiple stab wounds, including to the face and head.

Dato Pankissky did not personally take part in the attack, but was present during it. However, it did not save him. As it was previously reported, the uncle of Dato Krasnodarsky, Shakro Molodoy, sentenced organizers and participants in the attack on his nephew to death back in 2011. Zap, whom sources believe to be seeking friendship with Shakro Molodoy’s clan, could have carried out the sentence.


Dato Pankissky

Recently, information has been disseminated in the criminal circles, according to which Zap is directly involved in two more high-profile attempts committed in the recent past. In particular, he is believed to be the organizer of the shooting of Kutaisi thief in law Gochi Alpaidze, better known as Alfason, in late 2017. The thief in law was seriously injured, but survived. It was reported that representative of Shakro Molodoy’s clan Nodar Asoyan (Nodar Rustavsky) was behind the failed attempt, as they had had an argument about gangland business in the Rostov region. Shakro Molodoy also had a conflict with Alfason, because he also considered him involved in the attack on his nephew.

The second attempt allegedly committed by Zap Leninakansky is the massacre of former thief in law Gaiko Nikogosyan (Ayko Karabakhsky). Sogoyan’s accomplices made Nikogosyan a cripple by shooting him in the legs in his own house. It is known that Zap decided to punish Ayko Karabakhsky for doubting his thief status, although he himself was ‘decrowned’ back in 1995.

It is noteworthy that in his home country, Andranik Sogoyan became notorious among thieves in law due to cooperating with the Armenian Ministry of Internal Affairs. He opted for the homeland after the Prague court had sentenced him in absentia to 22 years’ imprisonment for organizing the murder of an Armenian businessman and put him on international wanted list.



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