Thief in law Vagon as possible victim of colony administration’s pressure

Thief in law Vagon as possible victim of colony administration’s pressure
Vladimir Vagin (Vagon)

He could have been revenged for a stabbed police officer.

Employees of the colony administration, where he was found dead, could have been exerting pressure on thief in law Vladimir Vagin aka Vagon.

In addition to the fact that the so-called ‘red’ colonies (i.e., those, in which the situation is fully controlled by the administration) have recently taken the path of suppression of representatives of the criminal world and mainly thieves in law, Vagin was serving time for an attempt at a policeman, which could have made the attitude of the Federal Penitentiary Service representatives to him somewhat biased.

He served most of his 7.5-year sentence in the correctional camp No. 10 in the Vsesvyatskaya village, Perm region; however, a week before the tragedy, he had been transferred to a different colony. Experts note that abuse of authority by the administration could have taken place there, or something, with which the thief could no longer live.

Especially since the deaths of thieves in law disguised as suicide had already occurred there. 2.5 years ago, thief in law Maksim Novikov (Max Pioner) hanged himself in the punitive confinement of the same colony. Some sources say that he had expressed concern and kept saying he would die a thief shortly before this. After his death, many draw a comparison with the end of legendary thief in law Vasya Brilliant, who was also discovered strangled in the Perm colony 30 years ago.

To recallm Vagin’s body was found in the correctional camp No. 11 (IK-11) in the Nyrob village, Perm region, on September 21. As reported by Kommersant, the thief in law hanged himself.

Later, the ICR in the Perm region confirmed Vagin’s non-violent death. According to Committee’s Senior Assistant for Media Relations Irina Neznamova, no injuries of criminal nature have been found on his body.   

At the same time, the thief’s lawyer Andrey Guzev noted that he did not believe in the suicide version. According to him, he visited Vagin 10 days ago, and there were no signs of such an outcome.

Vagin’s defense intends to look into the circumstances of his client’s death. ICR has also begun its investigation. 

The native of the Kaliningrad region crowned in 1995, Vladimir Vagin was considered one of the most influential representatives of the ‘Slavic’ wing of Ded Hasan’s thieves clan. In 2012, Vagon and other infamous thieves in law fell under the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Department of the Treasury for being members of the transnational criminal organization known as the Brothers’ Circle. In 2017, the American authorities excluded Vagon from the list, as he got the last sentence out of his nine prison terms in Russia in 2016.

Vagin was convicted in Nizhny Novgorod for Attempt at Murder committed in March 2009. Back then, he came to the rescue of his friend Sergey Tishkov, who had a conflict with a group of Caucasian people in the Soho cafe. The reason for the showdown was a woman’s purse, which had been allegedly stolen from one of Tishkov’s female friends. Vladimir Vagin and several other men pulled up to the cafe on Bentley and BMW; after seeing his friend’s smashed face, he immediately proceeded to deal with his abusers, swearing and waving a small knife. The Caucasians began to flee; chasing them, Vagon attacked an occasional visitor who was standing by the entrance to the cafe. It later turned out that it was a professional kickboxer Fedor Luchinkin, who was undergoing retraining in the Nizhny Novgorod Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. His brother Aleksandr came to Luchinkin’s rescue; together, they neutralized Vagin, throwing him to the ground. However, during the fight, he did manage to stab Fedor to the chest. He lost about one and a half liters of blood but was able to get to the nearby hospital together with his brother, where he received first aid.

Until 2014, Vagin was hiding in the Arab Emirates. Then he was detained and extradited to Russia at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office. During a trial, the thief in law said he had never intended to kill his opponent, to whom he then apologized for the wounding. At first, the Court sentenced him to 1 year and 9 months of colony-settlement for deliberate infliction of harm to the health of moderate severity, however, after his case was reviewed at the Prosecutor's Office’s request, his actions were reclassified as Attempt at Murder, after which Vagon was sentenced to 7 years and 6 months’ rigorous imprisonment.



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