Thief in law Tarzan decrowned in Turkey

Thief in law Tarzan decrowned in Turkey
Irakly Rekhviashvili (Tarzan)

It was revenge for the dethronement of a Batumi thief in law.

There was a confrontation between representatives of the Turkish and Greek thieves’ clans in Turkey the other day, which resulted in the beating of 31-year-old Irakly Rekhviashvili better known as Tarzan in front of a dozen thieves, as well as stripping him of his title. The reason for this could have been his similar actions towards thief in law Roman Khmaladze (Roma Batumsky) and insulting of Mindiya Lavasoglu (Lavasoglu Batumsky) along with such thieves as Sebiskveradze (Dato Kutaissky), Modebadze (Gega Ozurgetsky), and Kartvelishvili (Giya) in 2014.

Some sources say, Tarzan had come to Turkey to settle the issue of thief in law Giya Kartvelishvili, who was “under conflict.” Together with Kakhaber Oragvelidze (Kakha Tbilissky), Tarzan found himself surrounded by not really friendly people – in addition to the abovementioned Roma Batumsky and Lavasoglu Batumsky, who had their own issues with him, the meeting was also attended by Entso Batumsky, Chuto Khonsky, Boncho, and Kuso.

Starting off with reproaching representatives of the Turkish clan for being uncooperative, Oragvelidze only fueled an already incendiary situation. In turn, after seeing Entso, Tarzan wondered whether it was the Entso, who had stabbed David Ozmanov (Dato Krasnodarsky). The mentioning of Shakro Molodoy's relative, who was not considered a thief in those circles, was the last straw.

Rekhviashvili was beaten for getting in other people's business, while the brothers Ozmanov were avoiding all meetings and did not make any claims against their abusers.

At the same time, Oragvelidze stood aside, explaining this to his Greek associates by the fact the power was uneven.

It should be noted that earlier, another thief had lost his ‘crown’ in Turkey, namely Teymuraz Churadze (Aleko Shoshiya). Giya Nizharadze and Gocha Alpaidze (Alfason) dealt with the son-in-law of Tariel Oniani (Taro) and Merab Dzhangveladze’s (Merab Sukhumsky) associate, influential Kutaissi thief in law Temur Nemsitsverdize (Tsripa). At the same time, they were accompanied by thief in law Nadir Salifov aka Guli.



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