Thief in law Taro remains in voters list of Georgian Central Electoral Commission

Thief in law Taro remains in voters list of Georgian Central Electoral Commission

It was previously reported that the thief in law did not have a Georgian citizenship.

Thief in law Tariel Oniani, better known as Taro, is still in the lists of the Central Election Commission of Georgia, although it was reported that he did not have Georgian citizenship. This is reported by Rustavi 2.

In turn, the local publication Netgazeta notes that Oniani is listed as a voter in one of the villages of Kvemo Kartli. A Central Electoral Commission speaker Anna Mikeladze told the publication that the electoral commission cannot comment on whether the vor is a citizen of Georgia or not. 

According to her, the order of the lists formation is determined by the country’s election code. The information about citizens comes from various departments, including from the Ministry of Justice Services Development Agency, and the CEC keeps the information transmitted in the voter list. 

“That what we were transferred appeared in the voters list,” Mikeladze stressed.

At the same time, according to the Central Electoral Commission, Oniani was listed as a voter in the CEC in previous elections, and not only now. 

Taro was detained immediately after being released on April 9. The Sol-Iletsky Court in the Orenburg region arrested him for 40 days. The thief in law was taken in custody right at the exit from the colony. Knowing about further deportation, Oniani planned to go to Turkey. He was supposed to be extradited to Georgia, from where he would have left for Istanbul. His further route is unknown, as the arrest of Oniani is due to the fact that Spanish law enforcement bodies have put him on the international wanted list. In Spain, he is charged with Money-Laundering and Organization of a Criminal Community.



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