Thief in law Taro is unwelcome in Russia

Thief in law Taro is unwelcome in Russia
Tariel Oniani

The leader of the Kutaisi clan has been notified of the undesirability of his stay in the country.

Thief in law Tariel Oniani (Mulukhov), also known as Taro, has been ordered to leave the territory of Russia after release, which may take place in less than a year. August 6, officers of the MIA General Administration of Criminal Investigation read out the relevant decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev to the thief, who is currently serving his sentence in the correctional camp No. 6 Cherny Delfin (IK-6). If Oniani does not voluntarily leave the country, he will be deported.

Judging by Taro's reaction to this message, which was recorded on the camcorder, it went against his plans. The potential ‘Thief No. 1’ in Russia tried to object to law enforcement officers, but they explained to him that he could appeal the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs personally or with the help of lawyers in accordance with the procedure established by law.

It is known that the meeting of the Minister representatives with the influential thief in law was held on Thursday. At the same time, according to siloviki, the strict-regime colony, where the most dangerous criminals serve their time, did not have much impact on Oniani. During the conversation, he was calm and confident. 

After Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy) went to prison, Taro’s release is the main upcoming event in the criminal underworld. The historic enemy of Ded Hasan and almost all of his followers, who now constitute the main backbone of the ‘thieves’ Olympus,’ he can launch a new struggle for power. Especially since the ‘thief’ will have to deal with everyone who signed the circular letter from crime bosses about his ‘decrowning’ back in 2010. Apart from Taro’s Georgian competitors Lasha Shushanashvili, Meliya, and Dato Sebiskveridze, his other enemies include Yura Pichuga, Vasya Voskres, Vova Zyatek, Vadik Cheburashka, Azat Pioner, Vova Vagon, Oleg Mukha, Slava Sliva, Sen’ka, Zabava, Roma Kashchey, Kostya Shram, and many others.

The deportation from Russia is ‘unpleasant’ to Oniani because he has been on the international wanted list at the request of Spain since 2005. His ex-business partner Kalashov had already served nine years for money-laundering and criminal community organization in Spain. Oniani, for one, managed to escape. Already after his detention for extortion and kidnapping in Russia in 2009, he was sent to Spain for undergoing investigative actions.



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