Thief in law Sukhach gives back title to Sergey Asatryan

Thief in law Sukhach gives back title to Sergey Asatryan
Sergey Asatryan

This happened after Seryozha Bentley had visited a Balashov-based closed prison.

‘Thief in law’ Oleg Sukhochev (aka Sukhach) who is in a prison in a town of Balashov (Saratov region) has welcomed Sergey Asatryan (aka Osetrina Jr., Seryozha Bentley) who had arrived there. Sukhochev welcomed Asatryan as a ‘thief’ and wished him good fortune.

However, it did not happen straight away. Asatryan who had been deprived of his title had to convince Sukhach that it had happened unfairly and not in accordance with the criminals’ code. Eduard Asatryan’s (aka Osetrina Sr.) son started having issues in 2013 when he, Roman Jafarov (aka Romik Kurd) and Guram Chikhladze (aka Kvezhoevich) had been beaten up by their opponents headed by Gela Kardava (aka Gela Galsky). There were around 100 gangsters in the gang violence.

Osetrina Jr. says the ‘thieves in law’ only touched Roma, and those who were beating them up were Goga Pitersky, Nika Gagrinsky, Zviad Tbilissky and Koba Krasnodarsky who were not ‘thieves’, so it couldn’t be considered the ‘uncrowning’.

“This is not the way thieves approach thieves,” Asatryan justified himself.

Interestingly, it was Koba who reportedly pulled Sergey Asatryan out of the toilet by his hair and promised to rip it. A year before that, Asatryan Jr had deprived him of his ‘crown’ through his individual decision.

Another argument Seryozha Bentley had was that if Kvezhoevich - who had been beaten up just like them - was given ‘sale’ and today there are no questions as to his status, then the same attitude should be cast on Asatryan. 

Олег Сухачев (Сухач)

Interestingly, after that, Osetrina Jr. was recognized as a ‘thief’ a few times, and then was ‘uncrowned’ again. For instance, he found a ‘thief’ in 2015 and deprived of the title in 2017. Then, in the same year, he was found a ‘thief’ by Olezhka Ashkhabadsky and Dato Svan, but the next year, he was ‘uncrowned’ by Vasya Voskres and Caesar.

All these facts, as well as the fact that Asatryan was not serving his term as a ‘thief’ in a Kirov-based colony Chyorny dyatel (where he was transferred to Balashov from) could help putting Sukhach on the alert and initially, he did not express decent respect to him. This is despite the fact that both of them were ‘christened’ together in 2008. In order to clarify the situation, Sukhach even tried to contact Shakro Molodoy, but the latter - through his point-man - asked not to bother him on this subject.

Finally, after he weighed all the advantages and disadvantages, Sukhach concluded that Asatryan Jr. deserved to serve his sentence as a ‘thief’, and the respective order was issued. Soon after, Sukhach himself was restrained. And after that, he was sent to a colony in the Krasnoyarsk region known for its intolerance towards ‘thieves in law’.

Prisons in the Saratov region confirmed their ‘rehabilitational’ status which means ex-‘thieves’ can get their status back there. The same had earlier happened to Boris Kvinikhidze (aka Beso Rustavsky) who is serving his sentence in the correctional facility #7 in a settlement of Panitskaya.

The Balashov-based prison considered the number one in the territory of the Volga–Don Canal is likely to become a ‘vanguard’ for Sergey Asatryan, and his influence will be spread among the south of Russia and further - Donbass. Let alone his father who has been trying to move in this direction for a long time now.



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