‘Thief in law’ Shishkan could get screwed due to dumping business

‘Thief in law’ Shishkan could get screwed due to dumping business

Conspiracy theory in a ‘thief in law’ case.

According to the insiders, what really caused issues that had got to an ‘authoritative thief in law’ Oleg Medvedev (aka Shishkan, Oleg Ramensky) is his interest in a dumping business. Sources say Shishkan has lately tried to actively play in this market on his own behalf and on behalf of his friend Gavriil Yushvaev (aka Garik Makhachkala) who had fled to Turkey following a shooting at Moskva-City (Moscow International Business Center). Due to this, the ‘thief’ started having disagreement with a leader of Podolsk organized criminal group Luchok and a few law enforcers.

Medvedev and Yushvaev’s interest in landfill sites is reported to have concerned a ‘thief in law’ Dmitry Chanturia (aka Mironchik) who got on well with Luchok and is authorized by law enforcers to carry out activity in this market.

Court arrested Shishkan the day before. He is accused of leadership in criminal hierarchy, as well as involvement in murders, gambling business, prostitution, and drug trade. Shishkan became the third ‘thief in law’ brought to justice under a new anti-‘thief in law’ legislation.

Sources of CrimeRussia note that after Vladimir Putin signed a decree on holding accountable for leadership in criminal hierarchy, employees of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department received a list of ‘thieves in law’ from senior law enforcers, according to which operative actions can not be carried out against a certain number of ‘thieves’ - including Tyurik, Vasya Voskres, Miron, Vagif and Osetrina. The number one beneficiary on the list is Dmitry Chanturia whose security team is headed by a former law enforcer. The rest of the ‘thieves’ could take a hit at any time.



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