Thief in law Shishkan charged under 210.1

Thief in law Shishkan charged under 210.1

They chose not to charge him for the murder of the deputy and members of her family.

The Investigative Committee of Russia has officially charged the thief in law Oleg Medvedev (Shishkanov), known as Shishkan, with a crime under Art. 210.1 of the Criminal Code (having the highest position in the criminal hierarchy). Under said article, the vor faces up to 15 years in prison.

Since July 15, he has been in detention in the special unit of Matrosskaya Tishina (also known as the Kremlin Central).

Earlier it was reported that Shishkan might have been involved in the February 2012 abduction and murder Deputy Tatyana Sidorova and members of her family in the Ramensky district of the Moscow region. Allegedly, the vor and she had an argument over funds allocated by CJSC Plemzavod Ramenskoye, co-owned by the deputy. The company received 4.5-billion-rubles’ worth of loans for reconstruction. A Rosbalt source believes that no more than 10-15% of the amount was invested in the works, while Shishkan's assistants must have taken the rest. When it was time to report on the funds, Sidorova, who was going to tell the truth about the group’s acts and allegedly received threats, disappeared along with her family. Nevertheless, the investigators only brought the charges under the "anti-vor" article; with the minimal term, too.

As the mafia boss was told by the senior investigator for major crimes, Major General of Justice Valery Khomitsky at a hearing about the punishment, Shishkanov “has been coordinating the activities of organized criminal groups in the Moscow Region since 1992, creating and maintaining links between those groups, participating in all turf wars and taking criminal proceeds and creating the conditions that allow for crimes to be committed.”

The investigator noted that Medvedev also provided "a fusion of the interests of criminals and government officials." With the help of his assistants, "he receives income from illegal activities, such as organization of gambling, extortion, fraud, prostitution and drug trafficking," said the investigator. He and his henchmen “established control over the financial activities of a number of legal entities, namely Zorka, Yarmarka, Okean, Finconsult, Chisty Gorod, Plus Management Company, Firma Dilizhans, Dorstroysintez, and Ramensky GOK. With Shishkan’s participation, extortions, arms trade, prostitution and car thefts were organized, according to the case file.

Shishkanov-Medvedev does not admit his guilt. Alexei Kirsanov, the vor’s lawyer, claims the charges are “absurd”. According to Kommersant, all the counts set out in the investigator’s resolution relate to the period of 1985-2005, while the article on which the charge was brought was not introduced until April 1 of this year and has no retroactive effect. In addition, the lawyer noted, there is no specificity in the case, which clearly indicates the weakness of the evidence base that the investigator has. A mosaic in the form of a vor's star at the bottom of his pool was one such evidence.

Earlier, Russian show business figures stood up for Shishkan, asking in a collective letter to release him from the pre-trial detention center. About 40 celebrities signed the petition, including former coach of the Russian national football team Valery Gazzayev, coach of FC Lokomotiv Yuri Semin, singers Lev Leschenko, Alexander Serov, Lyubov Uspenskaya and other athletes and cultural figures. Their letter said that Oleg Shishkanov was a philanthropist, who sponsored many sports competitions, and also helped people of Donbass. It should be noted that it was with his participation that Ramenskpye’s Saturn FC got to the First League and took part in European competitions.



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