Thief in law Serezha-Bentley to learn extortion case materials

Thief in law Serezha-Bentley to learn extortion case materials
Sergey Asatryan, Gennady Ivankov, and Eduard Asatryan, Napoleon restaurant, December 2012, Moscow

The Main Inspections Directorate of the General Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has completed the investigation of the criminal case against the thief in law Sergey Asatryan, known in the underworld as Serezha-Bentley and Osetrina Mladshy and his accomplice Artur Bagdasaryan, arrested in December 2015 on charges of extorting a large sum of money.

Сharges under Article 163 of the Russian Criminal Code against Asatryan and Bagdasaryan are brought in the final form; the suspects are introduced to the case.

According to investigation, Asatryan and Bagdasaryan had been extorting 1.2 million dollars from businessman Karen Mkhitaryan, threating to use violence against the victim and his family members. The businessman had not appealed to law enforcement agencies until the extortionists have burnt down his country house.

After that, fearing for the lives and health of the family, Mkhitaryan caved to blackmailers’ demands and gave them money.

30-year-old Sergey Asatryan is one of the youngest representatives of the criminal environment from the thieves in law category, son of an influential kingpin Eduard Asatryan (Edik Osetrina). The latter is also a defendant in the case, but as a witness.

However, as previously reported by the CrimeRussia, on the testimony of Mkhitaryan, Asatryan’s father Edik Osetrina is also involved in the case, and soon he may be charged. Before Asatryan Senior was arrested for cocaine, he personally threatened Mkhitaryan and demanded money. At the moment, Eduard Asatryan is serving a three-year sentence for illegal possession of drugs. If he is found guilty of extortion, the sentence will be more severe.

It is noteworthy that the victim Mkhitaryan turned out to be a distant relative of Asatryans. He offered Eduard Asatryan’s wife to withdraw her testimony in exchange for 400 thousand dollars.

Before his arrest on charges of extortion from Mkhitaryan, Serezha-Bentley had come to the attention of law enforcement agencies in September 2014. Asatryan accompanied a Kaliningrad thief in law Ilia Gagloev (Ilo Kaliningradsky) in Sim-Sim café near the Moscow Zoo during Gagloyev’s detention for drugs by law enforcement officers. The police had no claims against Asatryan, so he was immediately released.



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