Thief in law Sasha Kushner beset on all sides 

Thief in law Sasha Kushner beset on all sides
Sasha Kushner

The Belarusian thief in law loses his authority and is under the close supervision of the siloviki.

The net is closing in on thief in law Aleksandr Kushnerov (Sasha Kushner) – he cannot go back to Turkey, loses support in his native Belarus, and besides, he may be imprisoned at any moment.

To recall, in mid-May, fighters against organized crime supported by SOBR special police disrupted a mob summit with the participation of Sasha Kushner in one of the Minsk cafes. They thus interrupted the discussion of the processes taking place in the criminal circles of the country in connection with the appointment of a new Belarus underboss. 

It should be reminded that the previous underboss, a 39-year-old crime lord nicknamed Shults, was detained by operatives in Mogilev during the purchase of drugs on May 4. 

After the detention, a preventive discussion was held with Kushnerov and other participants in the mob summit, as it usually happens, and then they were released. 

Two days later, representatives of Belarusian organized-crime world tried to get together again, but operatives once again thwarted the new gathering.

Nevertheless, Sasha Kushner did not leave for Turkey, where he has lived since 2016, but stayed in his homeland. In Istanbul, he was the closest to thief in law Nadir Salifov (Guli), but the latter himself was forced to leave Turkey and move to the UAE. Thus, Kushner would be left alone with the clan of Merab Dzhangveladze (Merab Sukhumsky), the representatives of which have long wanted to deal with Kushnerov for thief in law Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu), who was vetted in Dubai in 2012, including with the participation of Dzhangveladze (as well as Taro, Antimoz, Akhmed Sutuly, Timokha Gomelsky, and many other well-known criminal ‘generals’).

Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu)

Oleg Gerasimovich (Mumu)

The reason was the circular letters from Kushner, which he distributed in prisons and colonies of Belarus and in which he called Belarusian thieves – Glaya, Lebed, Pashtet, Mumu, and Medvezhonok – inhumans, claiming their actions contributed to discord. After such a loud statement, even in the Turkish surroundings, it was considered that Kushner had crossed the line, thus drawing troubles upon himself – after all, he would have to be held accountable for such words.

Some sources say, thief in law Rashad Gyandzhinsky, whom Kushner called an “underthief,” has come to Belarus to sort things out. To recall, on November 2018, he and several others were detained for trafficking in arms and drugs in one of the hotels in the Minsk region. The criminal case will be heard in the Minsk Region Court. In the meantime, he has begun to raise difficulties for Kushnerov’s underbosses in prisons. Other crime lords will soon join him.

All this led to the fact that Sasha Kushner is now guarded by... the police. He got police cars outside of his house. Certainly, it would not be hard for security officials to initiate a criminal case under Art. 285 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus (Creation of a Criminal Organization or Participation Therein) against Kushnerov. The evidence base has already been collected, but the consequences of such imprisonment can affect the criminal situation in the entire Republic, and nobody needs this right now. After all, the arrest of the thief in law will lead to the struggle for the position of Belarus “main thief.”

Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky)

Rashad Ismailov (Rashad Gyandzhinsky)

Currently, Sasha Kushner not only lacks the support of Russian thieves in law, but also loses his authority in the eyes of his once trusted comrades from among those underbosses he appointed in Belarus. His supporters in the person of Shults, Saltyn, Mikhadyuk, Sharukha, Nemets, Molosh, Doda, Bars, Markel, and others, now either support Mumu, or prefer to be on their own with a view to supporting Mumu, who is recognized in the Republic as a thief even by former supporters of Kushnerov. Those who are by his side today, including Kleshch, Esya, Khalepa, Golubych, and the new Belarus underboss Bogdan, to a large extent, have nothing to do with the criminal world. Using those people as extras, Kushnerov pretends that he is not alone; still, these are people who have no real weight, experts say.



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