‘Thief in law’ Sakhno transferred to Urals for balanced relationship between ‘red’ and ‘black’

‘Thief in law’ Sakhno transferred to Urals for balanced relationship between ‘red’ and ‘black’
Eduard Sakhnov

In the meantime, his appearance may trigger redistribution in the criminal world in Sverdlovsk.

The Federal Penal Correction Service seems to be turning advantage of a ‘thief in law’ Eduard Sakhnov (aka Sakhno). Prison’s authorities need him to keep a balance and controllability in colonies in Sverdlovsk region, representative of the penal system told AiF.

On January 19, it became known that former leader of a once-largest in Russia Far Eastern criminal network Obshchak and ‘thief in law’ Sakhno arrived at the 12th correctional facility near the city of Nizhny Tagil.

According to the AiF source, the number of rape abuse and extortion has recently grown up across the colonies in Sverdlovsk region. In particular, Yekaterinburg photographer Dmitry Loshagin - who is serving his term in the 54th correctional facility in the town of Novaya Lyalya for a murder of his wife - told human rights defenders about it. He says he had to pay about 2 million rubles ($30 thousand) for “sexual safety.”

‘The reds’ - the inmates with greater powers as to the other ones - perform most of the work in this kind of ‘business’. They sometimes take in their hands the control over the situation. As a result, contingent situations occur; sometimes it ends up with injuries and murders, with death of an inmate Anton Stern who died in the Yekaterinburg-based 2nd correctional facility in 2015 being an example.

The only one who could hold back the aggression were high-powered representatives of ‘the blacks’. However, lately, imbalance emerged due to the absence of a number one ‘thief in law’ in the region. As a result, phenomenon called ‘uncontrolled crime’ in the criminal world became more frequent. It is about manhandling and rape abuse of inmates by ‘activists’ which contradicts the ‘codes of the underworld’.

Sakhnov is an ‘authority’ among all inmates: both those who only consider the ‘codes of the underworld’ and those who cooperate with prison’s authorities. This is, according to an expert close to the Federal Penal Correction Service, the reason why the authorities need to even out the powers and restore positions of traditional criminals - to avoid a wave of senseless violence.

When he arrives in Sverdolvsk region, Sakhno is expected to compensate the loss of influence in terms of the situation with a ‘thief in law’ Giya Sverdolvsky and Oleg Sukhochev (aka Sukhach) who is in the colony beyond the region.

Meanwhile, conflictology expert and author of a novel Path of Russian gangster Mikhail Orsky believes the presence of this ‘influential’ ‘thief in law’ in Sverdolvsk region will make the other prisoners come out of the shadow.

Native of Komsomolsk-on-Amur and ‘thief in law’ Sakhno was a member of the Far Eastern criminal network Obshchak defeated in the mid-2000s. The gang dealt with extortion, abduction and hired youngsters for criminal activity. In 2009, Sakhnov was sentenced to 25 years; later it was changed to 22. The ‘thief’ is expected to remain in the Urals up to the mid-2020s.



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