Thief in law's grandson shot in Georgia

Thief in law's grandson shot in Georgia

The siloviki are establishing motives and circumstances of the murder.

In the west of Georgia, the grandson of thief in law Guram Potskhishvili and his relative were shot in Ozurgeti, the west of Georgia.

Law enforcement officers found Guram Potskhishvili and his father-in-law's bodies riddled with gunshot wounds and in a car in Ozurgeti. The Ministry of Internal Affairs does not provide details of the incident, confining itself to information on the initiation of a criminal case under Art. 109 of the Criminal Code of Georgia (Intentional Murder).

Meanwhile, the Georgian media say that the murdered Guram Pokhishvili is the heir to the 'thieves' dynasty. Sources say that he was the grandson of the thief in law, who died more than 20 years ago, Guram Potskhishvili Sr. The man shot in the car was tried earlier, but there is no information about his 'thievish' status. Meanwhile, it is known that Potskhishvili Sr. has a son David, nicknamed Dato. The latter was 'crowned' during his term in the Vladimirsky Tsentral in the early 1970s, but in 1991, Dato was denounced by his compatriots in Georgia.



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