Thief in law Roma Sych transferred to Tatarstan

Thief in law Roma Sych transferred to Tatarstan
Roman Sychev (Sych)

Sources in the Directorate of the Federal Penitentiary Service for the Republic of Tatarstan reported that the appearance of Sychev would not affect the work of correctional institutions.

Notorious thief in law Roman Sychev (Roma Sych / Roma Kazansky) was transferred to Kazan on the night of July 31 from detention center-7 in Yegoryevsk, Moscow region. Now he is in detention center-2, but will serve his sentence in correctional facility No. 2. According to sources of BUSINESS Online, the appearance of Sychev in Kazan is a significant event not only for those who are serving their sentence, but also for the entire underworld of the republic.

To recap, in January 2016, Roman Sychev was detained on the M-7 Volga highway in Orekhovo-Zuevsky district of the Moscow region. During a personal search, a TT pistol and a spice bag were found and seized from him. However, the court ruled to acquit the thief in law, and Sych was released. According to some reports, his release cost 40 million rubles. A certain role in this was played by his ‘godfathers’ - thieves in law Oleg Shishkanov (Shishkan) and Sergey Stokozub (Seryoga Samarsky). Once at large, Sych was in no hurry to return the debt, and soon Moscow Regional Court overturned the verdict of Orekhovo-Zuevsky court, and his case was sent for a new trial, and Sychev himself was declared wanted.

After the criminal case was reviewed by other judges, Sychev was sentenced in absentia to 3.5 years in prison. In August 2018, officers of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Moscow region again detained the thief in law on the federal wanted list at the 26th km of Yaroslavskoye Highway. On him, he had a passport in another person’s name and heroin on a large scale.

Sych was ‘crowned’ in September 2014 on the tip from Stokozub, who, along with Sychev, served his last term in Tatarstan. The initiative of Seryoga Samarsky was supported by Kostyl, Mukha, Pan and Shishkan.

The last holder of the highest criminal title in the correctional facilities of Tatarstan was Petso (Revaz Bukhnikashvili), who got paroled on August 1, 2017 and soon died. Many believe that the 42-year-old ‘thief’ will try to change the balance of power in places of detention. Today, all the colonies of Tatarstan are under the influence of various thieves in law, who are mostly abroad.

Sych was sent to bring all the prisons of Tatarstan under his control, now he will reign everywhere,” the source of the publication believes. – He is not a thief that is particularly rich, more of a ‘street’ type, while Shishkan (Oleg Shishkanov) or Kostyl (Konstantin Borisov) have big money. Now Sych will look for a way to the money and will take the portfolio of the mafia enforcer into his hands.” At the same time, not everyone in the Kazan colonies accepts the thieves' way of life. But Sychev’s title of ‘thief’ obliges to submit to him. In addition, there is mafia enforcer Sergey Neyderov (Neyder) in Kazan. It was he that was a witness of the defense in court in 2017, who stated that the drugs and weapon had been planted on Sychev by the police during detention.

Sources in the Federal Penitentiary Service Directorate for the Republic of Tatarstan reported that the appearance of Sychev would not affect the work of correctional facilities. “We are not going to introduce a special regime or tighten security. He is an ordinary prisoner, arrived just like other convicts, the attitude toward him is the same as to the rest. Nobody will create special conditions for him,” said the source. He noted that earlier Roman Sychev did not commit any violations as a convict.



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