Thief in law Rashid Dzhambulsky arrested

Thief in law Rashid Dzhambulsky arrested
Rashid Dzhambulsky

The thief in law is suspected of extortion. It is also possible that he may be charged under the new “anti-thief” article.

MIA officers in Tatarstan have conducted a special operation, during which they detained thief in law Rashid Khachatryan (Rashid Dzhambulsky), Biznes Online reports. According to the publication, the vor, who used to be underboss for Orenburg, is suspected of extortion. He has been placed in custody to the Kazan pre-trial detention center No. 1 (SIZO-1). 

It is reported that Khachatryan had been detained last week, however, it was reported as late as on August 12. According to Biznes Online's sources in law enforcement bodies, Organized Crime Department received information that the thief in law had arrived in Tatarstan and extorted money from one of the local businessmen. 

“He wanted to subjugate one of the republic regions,” the source said. 

Khachatryan was detained and given the status of a suspect in the case of extortion by an organized group in order to obtain property on an especially large scale (Art. 163 of the Russian Criminal Code). In the evening of August 9, the court arrested the thief for the duration of the preliminary investigation, until September 8. 

The publication sources note that a criminal case under the “anti-thief” article Creation of a Criminal Community and Occupation of the Highest Position in the Criminal Hierarchy (part 4 of Art. 210 of the Russian Criminal Code), which was added to the criminal code in April this year, may be initiated against Khachatryan. Siloviki do not comment on the detention and arrest of the thief in law.



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