‘Thief in law’ Rashad Gyandzhinsky gets 10 years

‘Thief in law’ Rashad Gyandzhinsky gets 10 years

The ‘thief’ entered the country on a false Russian passport. His partners in crime had weapon and drugs.

Minsk district court sentenced a ‘thief in law’ Rashad Ismailov (aka Rashad Gyandzhinsky) to 10 years behind bars, reports Sputnik-Belarus. In November, last year, he was detained along with his two partners in crime for illegal arms and drugs trafficking. In particular, law enforcers found a Makarov gun, a TT gun and 14 rounds of ammunition. Besides that, hashish was seized from the detainees.

Besides that, it was found out that the ‘thief’ entered the country on a false Russian passport. Another accused - Ismailov’s driver and a citizen of Belarus - was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. He turned to carry the guns and ammunition. The third defendant in the case who turned out to carry the drugs was sentenced to 6 years. Their names are not disclosed.

According to the Main Directorate on Fighting Organized Crime and Corruption, Ismailov is a holder of Azerbaijanian diaspora in Ukraine set by a famous ‘thief in law’ Nadir Salifov (aka Guli). He and the detained members of the organized group have multiple prior records in Russia and Ukraine - with regard to mercenary-minded and violent crimes against businessmen: natives of Azerbaijan who own shopping centers and wholesale markets in various regions around Russia and Ukraine.

It is not unlikely that Rashad Ismailov was in Belarus by order of a ‘thief in law’ Guli. He had earlier performed his orders. In particular, in August, 2017, Ismailov visited Abkhazia at his request - in order to assist Niko Dgebuadze (aka Nika Gagrinsky) in repartition of spheres of influence in southern Russia and in the Caucasus with an Abkhaz ‘thief’ Raul Bartsba (aka Pyza). However, then, the rumble escalated into shooting. Pyza shot both Rashad and Niko Gagrinsky. That’s why Gyandzhinsky - while travelling - uses services of armed bodyguards, however there are many other reasons to be afraid of being murdered. In January, 2017, Ismailov announced that an Azerbaijanian ‘thief in law’ Rovshan Janiev (aka Rovshan Lenkoransky) had been murder by his order - out of revenge for murder an ‘authoritative’ businessman Jambulat Shamil-ogly in spring, 2018, in Moscow. There are many of those who want to revenge for the death of Rovshan Lenkoransky.

According to other sources, he arrived in the Republic to have it out with a ‘thief in law’ Sasha Kushner, as the latter had allegedly called him a ‘non-thief’ behind his back.



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