‘Thief in law’ Radzhik Nizhnevartovsky detained in Moscow region

‘Thief in law’ Radzhik Nizhnevartovsky detained in Moscow region
Radzhik Nizhnevartovsky

Drugs were found during the detention.

The day before, notorious ‘thief in law’ Radzhin Mikhraliev (aka Radzhik Nizhnevartovsky) was detained in Moscow region’s Vidnoye. According to REN TV, the apprehension of the ‘thief’ was carried out by officers of the Russian Special Police Force and law enforcement forces of Moscow region.

Drugs were found during the detention. Criminal case was initiated. He is arrested for two months.

Radzhik Nizhnevartovsky has prior records: in 2015, he was convicted in Moscow under article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (illicit possession of drugs on an especially large scale).

Two years later, he was detained during a ‘convention’ of ‘thieves in law’ when a new Novosibirsk holder was going to be appointed. Besides him, nephew of Aslan Usoyan (aka Ded Khasan) Temury Merzoev was detained. Preventive discussion was carried out with the detainees; after that, they were released.

Recently, Butyrka - one of the most famous music groups in Russia that romanticizes the criminal underworld in their songs - dedicated a song to Radzhin Mikhraliev.

As is customary in the dedication songs of the genre, it lists the vor’s merits and wishes a lot of things.   

“The best Lezgin. Walking the thief road, our dignified brother, Razhidin. He’s done a lot for the lads, reconciled quite a few clashes. A brave person, an honest Dagestan thief,” the song goes. Then: "Let the health, thieves' luck, warmth and happiness be in your house, bro; all the sincere, human things we, friendly people, wish to you."



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