Thief in law Osetrina follows Ded Hasan's way

Thief in law Osetrina follows Ded Hasan's way
Thief in law Edik Asatryan

The crowning of a new thief in law Soso Gori, which has been recently held in Cyprus in violation of the moratorium of Shakro Molodoy, could have happened with the full support of the crime boss Edik Asatryan (Osetrina), who is one of the main contenders for the role of treasurer of the criminal world.

This is reported by Rosbalt referring to its sources in criminal circles.

According to agency sources, it is Edward Osetrina who is the main engine of processes in the thieves' world now. In particular, he is actively trying to move the clan of Shakro Molodoy's from a key position.

The interlocutors of the agency compare the actions of Asatryan with the mafia management style of the thief in law Aslan Usoyan (Ded Hasan). All the ill-wishers of Ded Hasan sooner or later found themselves behind bars, and Usoyan increased the number of his allies and henchmen in the regions increased with the help of massive vettings.

As for Asatryan, it is known that all the gangsters who are hindering him, one after another, get sent to jail. So, in early November, Shalva Ozmanov (Kuso) was detained in Krasnodar, to whom a measure of restraint was relaxed some time ago. A month later Kakhaber Parpaliya (Kakha Galsky), who was the holder of the Russian common fund until recently and is the closest associate of Kalashov, went to jail. At the moment, Kakha Galsky has been placed in the jail-3 Presnya – the same place where his patron is now, convicted for almost 10 years, the main thief Zakhary Kalashov.

With another important part of the implementation of the Ded’s strategy, the formation of a group of allies through massive vettings, Osetrina had more difficulties until recently – at one of the biggest ‘gatherings’ of the last time, held in 2015 in Yerevan, with the suggestion of Shakro Molodoy it was decided to impose a moratorium on the new vettings until the thieves in law deal with the newly-made crime bosses who appeared at the suggestion of the clan of Ded Hasan and other clans. The violation of this moratorium by Asatryan himself would be a direct declaration of war to Shakro Molodoy and other participants of the Yerevan gathering. As a result, another crime boss, Vazha Biganishvili (Vazha Tbilissky) took the heat recently having crowned a new gangster in Cyprus.

It is worth noting that Bigishvili and Asatryan belong to the Tbilisi criminal clan. The second inhabitant of the island with the thief’s title Oleg Mikhaelyan (Oleg Ashkhabadsky) has been a close friend and faithful ally of the Asatryan father and son for many years. Therefore, in criminal circles it is believed that the vetting bypassing the moratorium did not take place without the direct, tacit participation of Osetrina.

Once after Shakro Molodoy goes to the colony in the near future, it becomes clear whether he will get any opportunity to influence the processes in the thieves' world or will be completely isolated for nine long years. In the second version, Rosbalt sources believe, Asatryan will have a free hand to begin conducting coronations and form his own circle of allies. Moreover, it was not he who formally broke the moratorium of Shakro first.



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