Thief in law or Orthodox Christian? Versatile Gela Kardava detention details 

Thief in law or Orthodox Christian? Versatile Gela Kardava detention details
Gela Kardava

Ukrainian law enforcers interviewed the thief in law.

Law enforcement agencies of Ukraine publicly confirmed the domestic detention of notorious thief in law Gela Kardava, as well as published a video depicting how they were seizing the criminal. As it was previously reported, in the evening of February, 10 Arsen Avakov, the Interior Minister, described the special-forces raid carried out against Gela Kardava on his Facebook page.

"Police officers are checking the latest information about his involvement in a number of crimes in the territory of Ukraine and his connection with the members of organized criminal groups operating in the country", – Avakov wrote, emphasizing that a theory that Kardava is an in-house secret-service employee with the Russian Interior Ministry is also being considered.

Following the news of the criminal’s capture a video of his detention appeared. The record shows that Ukrainian siloviki (the Kiev police and KORD special forces) were not too soft on the unwelcome visitor, to put it mildly. Special forces operatives attacked two cars parked near a Kiev restaurant. The thief in law was in one of the cars, and his companion was in the other one. Obviously, Gela did not expect such a hard reception and felt abashed. In the meantime he and his companion have already been in the face-on-the-asphalt position.

Then Gela was led to the service bus and taken to the police station. There Kardava became subject to a short interview during which he voiced his name and place of birth. When asked if he was a thief in law Kardava said that "a thief is one who steals, a robber is one who robs, a briber is one who takes a bribe", but he "did not commit any crime, and is a simple Orthodox Christian". To the question "where do you live?" Kardava replied that he "rents apartments everywhere". When asked to specify the location of these apartments he answered that he rented accommodation "in Kiev, Moscow, Turkey, Cyprus and generally everywhere".

Yet Gela Kardava was cunning. During personal search the police discovered a fake passport in the name of Ukrainian citizen Oleg Romanovich Golomb, born in Simferopol. This should be the basis for a criminal case, however nothing is not reported about it yet.

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