Thief in law Omar Ufimsky detained with heroin

Thief in law Omar Ufimsky detained with heroin
Omar Ufimsky

4.76 grams of the drug were confiscated.

Khimki detained Chechen thief in law Omar Bekaev, also known as Omar Ufimsky, reports Life. On Monday, April 16, police stopped a Land Cruiser Prado car on Zarechnaya Street, Bekaev was behind the wheel. 4.76 grams of heroin were found.

In February 2017 it was reported that four members of the gang of Omar Ufimsky were detained in Ukraine. The siloviki prevented the armed attack of the bandits. The detainees turned out to be inhabitants of Odessa and Donetsk regions at the age of 25 to 46 years. On the territory of the Odessa region, they systematically committed robbery under the guise of policemen. Materials concerning three suspects were sent to the Berezovsky District Court of the Odessa region. A criminal case was initiated under the Article Robbery (part 4 of Article 187 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Bekaev served his term in Odessa until 2013 for storing weapons, after which he was deported to Russia, where he got a new term.



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