Thief in law Melia turns out to have 5 passports with one of them faked 

Thief in law Melia turns out to have 5 passports with one of them faked
Merab Gogia (aka Melia) Photo: video screenshot

Criminal case into document forgery was initiated against the ’thief in law’.

Representatives of Moscow police have detained a 65-year-old ’thief in law’ Merab Gogia (aka Melia). In order to break into his apartment situated on the 24th floor of a high end house located on Moscow’s Progonny lane, law enforcers had to assault it both from the side of the entrance hall and the balcony, having descended to the balcony from the roof.

This long reluctance of the apartment’s owner to open the door seemed to put out the fighters of the Special Rapid Deployment Force of temper - so that one of the fighters even kicked the ‘thief’ who had already been on the floor by the time and had been offering no resistance.

Official representative of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation in Moscow Yekaterina Guz reports that the operatives found and seized 3 external passports of a citizen of Russia in the name of the detainee and 2 regular passports with one of them being faked.

Examination determined that the photo in the document had been replaced independently.

Besides that, it was found out that Melia does not possess Russia’s nationality which means all the documents had been issued without a reasonable basis.

It had earlier been reported that Gogia gained citizenship of Russia in March, 2008, but it was annulled in February, this year.

Criminal case into the incident was initiated under article 327 of Russia’s Criminal Code (Forgery, Manufacture, or Sale of Falsified Documents, Government Awards, Stamps, Seals, and Forms).

The ‘thief in law’ has been placed in the reception center for immigrants with the purpose of subsequent deportation from Russia.

Despite the ‘retirement’ age, Merab Gogia actively takes part in the criminal life. In particular, last summer, he and other ‘thieves in law’ - including Vasily Khristoforov (aka Vasya Voskres), Dmitry Chanturia (aka Miron), Aleksey Petrov (aka Petrick), Sergey Aksenov (aka Aksen), Badri Koguashvili (aka Badri Kutaissky), Kakhaber Parpalia (aka Kakha), Elguja Turkadze (aka Guja Kutaissky) and Mikhail Voevodin (aka Misha Luzhnetsky) - approved the status of the country’s number one ‘thief’ Oleg Shishkanov (aka Shishkan). 

Besides that, he and other participants of Ded Khasan’s clan took part in creation of the criminal business in Spain.




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