Thief in law Leki Rustavsky detained with fake ID at Odessa airport 

Thief in law Leki Rustavsky detained with fake ID at Odessa airport
Albert Magomedov (Leki Rustavsky)

He comes and he goes. At 10:25 a.m., Leki Rustavsky arrived in Odessa from Greece. Three hours later, he was flying to Istanbul.

Ukrainian intelligence agencies and border guards have prevented Georgian thief in law Albert Magomedov known in the criminal world as Leki Rustavsky from entering Ukraine. This is reported USI.

The 37-year-old thief in law arrived in Odessa via Greece at 10:25 a.m. on Sunday and tried to pass the border control with a fake passport in the name of a citizen of Ukraine. According to Ukrainian security officials, the arrival of Leki Rustavsky in the country is due to his deportation from Greece.

After being notified of the “inexpediency of his stay in Ukraine,” the thief in law voluntarily left the country on the flight Odessa-Istanbul at 1:25 p.m.


As reported by USI, Magomedov, who was ‘crowned’ in Greece in 2013, controls the representatives of the criminal world involved in committing thefts in the CIS countries and the European Union. Earlier, the thief in law had been repeatedly detained by law enforcers of the CIS countries and deported to third countries. In particular, in September 2015, Leki Rustavsky was detained in Minsk and deported to Greece after a preventive discussion.



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