Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky unable to challenge in-absentia verdict

Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky unable to challenge in-absentia verdict
Lavasogly Batumsky

The court upheld the 12-year term the vor had been sentenced to.

The Kutaisi Court of Appeal upheld the sentence of the well-known Georgian thief in law (vor) Mindia Goradze, aka Lavasogly Batumsky. Earlier the mafia boss was sentenced to a 12-year prison term in absentia.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office of Georgia, Goradze is still in extradition in Turkey. He was convicted in absentia in July 2018 and found guilty of violating the articles pertaining to “being a thief in law”, “extortion”, as well as “unlawful obstruction of journalists in their professional activities”.

According to the supervisory authority, Goradze received the thief status in 2013. After that, he created and ran a certain group, members of the thieves' world, “with the goal of committing various crimes; by threats and intimidation, by thieves’ turf wars, he forced people to do things against their will,” the prosecutor’s office said.

For this, the vor maintained contact with other criminal lords of Georgia. He was updated about the criminal situation and gave instructions to boost his dominance. He also participated in the collection of the thieves obshchak (cash fund), the prosecutor's office noted.

According to the investigation, on February 24, 2015, the thief in law called the author of the Other Accents show that aired on Rustavi2 and threatened the journalist after they made a story about him presenting the crime lord in a negative light.



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