Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky may face two terms under one article

Thief in law Lavasogly Batumsky may face two terms under one article
Lavasogly Batumsky

The crime boss is currently in custody in Turkey.

On April 10, Batumi City Court may pass a verdict on Georgian thief in law Mindiya Goradze, known as Lavasogly Batumsky, his lawyer Alexander Kobaidze told journalists at a press conference.

He recalled that his client had been detained in July 2018 in Tbilisi and Adjara. Goradze is charged with involvement in the underworld, extortion and participation in gatherings. Along with the crime lord, 10 more people were detained.

According to the Georgian legislation, Goradze faces imprisonment from 9 to 15 years under the article on Holding the Position of a Thief in Law. It was possible to collect evidence against Lavasogly including by wiretapping. However, the defense insists on the innocence of the crime boss.

“The prosecution has no evidence. Their accusations are based on versions and gossip. But in theory, even if we assume that the court will nevertheless passes a guilty verdict, it cannot be executed in legal terms ,” Kobaidze noted.

According to him, the defendant cannot be convicted, since Goradze has already been sentenced to 12 years in prison for being a thief in law. “A person cannot serve a sentence under the same article,” Kobaidze emphasized.

Goradze was first convicted in absentia of Holding the Position of a Thief in Law in July 2018. He was also convicted of extortion and unlawful obstruction of journalists in their professional activities. He was sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment. Later, in February 2019, Kutaisi Court of Appeal upheld the sentence of Goradze, who is in extradition custody in Turkey.

According to the Prosecutor's Office, between 2014 and 2015, the thief in law maintained contact with crime bosses in Georgia, received information from them about the lay-of-the-land in the criminal environment and gave instructions to increase his influence. He also took part in collecting the common fund, the Prosecutor's Office remarked.



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